Leiden -Lorentz Center Workshop
April 10-14 2000


 Preliminary Program

Mon Apr 10

13 : 30

14 : 16


17 : 30

Welcome. Discussion on the agenda for this week. (Harm)

Theme of the day: 

Status of the data reduction, calibration and croscorrelation 
(organizer: Guy Simon)

- Isogal data reduction procedures and cross-identification methods
- Something about the photometric quality  (Frederic)
- Organization of the ISOGAL-DENIS point source catalogue to be
   published (Alain).

Items to be discussed:
- Raster calibration using Fouks-Shubert transient correction, 
   projection, psf-fitting 
   (Joris, Frederic, Cecile)
- Reproducibility of photometry (Martin C.; Martin G.)
- Use of LWS- and CAM-// mode as complementary data sets
   (Martin B.)
- Combining DENIS, 2MASS, MSX with ISOGAL (Martin C.; 
    Martin G.)
- Confusion limited source surface densities (Martin C.)
- Will there be an overall ISOGAL catalogue or set of catalogues? 

Welcome party with cheese and wine

Tue Apr 11

9 : 12


Theme of the day: 

AGB, RGB  (organizer: Harm Habing)

- General features of AGB stars in ISOGAL data (Alain)
- Properties of Semi-regular Variables from ISOGAL and 
   MACHO Observations (Ian) 
- ISOGAL CVF measurements of the Bulge fields (Joris) 


- DENIS data - synthetic Near-IR colours: what is the status?
- Spectra and colors of M giant stars (Alessandro)
- Variability (Martin C., Mathias)
- Mass loss of AGB stars in ISOGAL (Mathias, Alessandro) 
- Observed star counts, colour histograms & colour-mag. diagrams 
    around the Galaxy; comparison with models (Martin C.)
- Deepest star counts available (Martin C.)
- Distribution of RGB, AGB, PNe (Martin G.)

WedApr 12

10 : 12




16 : 00

20 : 00


Theme of the day: 

Galactic Structure  (chairman: Gerry Gilmore)

- The SKY model (Martin C.)
- Results from GPSURVEY (Martin B.)
- Comments about interstellar extinction in the ISOGAL   filters

Items for discussion:
- Stellar population near the Galactic Center (Frederic)
- Determination of metallicity using ISOGAL data (Mathias)

Excursion by bus to the flower fields in the "Keukenhof".

 Workshop dinner in the Indonesian restaurant "Anak Bandung" in Leiden.  

Thu Apr 13

14 : 16


Theme of the day: 

Young stellar objects and diffuse emission (chairman: Frank Bertoldi)

- Young stellar objects in the field (l;b) = (-0.27;-0.03) (Frederic)

- Distribution of extended sources along the galactic plane 
   (Martin B.)
- Star formation in the Galaxy (Frederic)
- LN45 (Shashi)

Fri Apr 14

9 : 11


Theme of the day: 

Other items; wrapping up; action items (chairman: Alain Omont)



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