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Strongly Correlated Electrons Workshop

Strongly Correlated Electrons Workshop   

October 29  -  November 9 , 2001



SCHEDULE  at  Lorentz Center, Leiden University, Netherlands


Notice:  further updates might occur during the workshop




Monday Oct   29       WELCOME


13:30               Coffee,  tea  and biscuits


15:00-16:00     D. van der Marel (Groningen)

Superconductivity Induced Color Changes in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d


16:30               Welcome Drinks



Tuesday Oct   30     Mixed


10:00-11:00    C. Castellani (La Sapienza)

                        Anderson Localization for Quasiparticles in a d-Wave Superconductor


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30-12:30    M. Oda (U. Hokkaido)

STM Observations of Single and Pair Tunnelings on Bi2212:

Pseudogap and Effective Superconducting Gap


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break



Wednesday  Oct   31   Neutron Scattering


10:00-11:00    P. Bourges (Saclay)

                        Spin Dynamics and Magnetic Order in Superconducting Cuprates


11:00-11:330   Coffee/tea break


11:30-12:30    J. Tranquada (Brookhaven)

                        A Classical Stripe Liquid State in Layered Nickelates


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break


18:00               Colloquium Ehrenfestii (including dinner)

                        by  H.T.C. Stoof (Utrecht)

                        The 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics: Bose-Einstein Condensation


Reservation is required.

For subscription please see:   http://www.lorentz.leidenuniv.nl/ce/



Thursday  Nov  1      Mixed


10:00-11:00    S. Uchida   (U. Tokyo)

                        ARPES Fermi Surface vs Charge Transport in the Lightly-Doped  Cuprates


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30 –12:30   A.M. Oles  (Krakow) and L.F. Feiner (Eindhoven)

                        Orbital Physics and Magnetic Interactions in the Manganites


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break



Friday  Nov  2      Mixed


10:00-11:00    T. Palstra   (Groningen)

                        Magnetism and Electronic Transport at Orbital

Ordering Transitions of Vanadates and Manganates


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30 –12:30  Z.B.  Tesanovic (Johns Hopkins)

                        Phase Fluctuations in Superconducting Copper Oxides:

                        A QED3 Unified Theory of the Pseudogap State


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break


19:00               Conference Dinner offered by the Lorentz Center

at Restaurant “Anak Bandung”



Saturday  Nov  3     Theory


10:00-11:00     L. Pryadko (U.C. Riverside)

                        Occam’s Razor and High Tc Superconductors


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30 –12:30  C. Morais Smith (Freiburg)

                        to be announced


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break



Monday  Nov   5   Mixed


10:00-11:00    K. Lang (U.C. Berkeley)

                        Electronic Nano-Domains and Granular Superconductivity

                        in Underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break



11:30-12:30     M. Ogata (U. Tokyo)

                        Inhomogeneous States in Two-dimensional t-J Model


14:00 -15:00    P.W. Phillips (Urbana)

                        to be announced


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break


16:30               Wine & Cheese Party, offered by the Lorentz Center



Tuesday  Nov 6    Mixed


10:00-11:00    M. Rice (ETH Zuerich)

                        to be announced


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30-12:30    B. Keimer (MPI Stuttgart)

                        Magnetic Dynamics in Orbitally Degenerate Systems


14:00               Afternoon Social Program:

                        Boattrip, City Walk, Aperitifs and Dinner downtown



Wednesday  Nov 7    Theory/ Impurities


10:00-11:00    M. Vojta (Augsburg)             

Defects and Local Excitations in Cuprates


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30-12:30     D. Morr (U.I. Chicago)

                        Defects in Quantum Critical Systems and Broken Symmetry States


14:00-15:00     S. Sachdev (Yale)

                        Magnetic Field Tuning of Charge and Spin Order

in the Cuprate High Temperature Superconductors


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break


18:00               Colloquium Ehrenfestii (including dinner)

by J. Weeks (University of Maryland)  

Connecting local structure to interface formation:

generalized Van der Waals theory of nonuniform fluids

Reservation is required.

For subscription, please see:  http://www.lorentz.leidenuniv.nl/ce/



Thursday   Nov  8     Theory


10:00-11:00    W. Hanke  (Würzburg)

                        to be announced


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30-12:30    A. Castro Neto (Boston)

                        to be announced


14:00-15:00     A. Chubukov (U.W. Madison)

                        to be announced


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea break



Friday   Nov   9        Mixed 


10:00-11:00    H.Stoof  (Utrecht)

                        Phase Fluctuations in Low-dimensional Bose Gases


11:00-11:30     Coffee/tea break


11:30-12:30    to be announced





End of workshop