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Wednesday May 9

Wednesday May 9                                                                                         Chair               Rapporteur


09:00-12:30    Evidence in galaxy luminosity, color, morphology, and mass       Hogg                Franx

                        functions at high redshift and      low for departures from pure     Ellis

                        local (closed box) evolution


13:30-17:00    Star formation histories  inferred from distant and local               Kennicutt          Madau

                        star populations and interstellar and intergalactic gas                  Wyse



Thursday May 10


09:00-12:30    Galaxy formation histories of the present morphological types,    Silk                  Wolfe

                        ellipticals to irregulars, and whatever else is present at higher      Steidel



13:30-17:00    Clustering and the environmental dependence of galaxy              Efstathiou         Colless

formation  and evolution                                                            Cowie


Friday May 11


09:00-12:30    Critical tests of structure  formation models, including   CDM     Fukugita           Frenk

and its variants                                                                          Ostriker



13:30-17:00 The present state of the subject                                                    Peebles            Gunn