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OORT MEETING on Galaxy Formation - May 9 11, 2001


OORT MEETING on Galaxy Formation - May 9 11, 2001


OORT Building, 3rd Floor, Lorentz Center, Leiden University






Tuesday May  8



09 -17:00 Registration at the Lorentz Center, allocation of offices, and computer accounts


17:00    Welcome drink at the Leiden Observatory, Oort Building, 5th floor


Wednesday May 9


09:00 - 09:05 Practical details, the Lorentz Center


09:05 - 09:15 Introductory remarks, Jim Peebles




Session 1.

Chair: David Hogg


Evidence in galaxy luminosity, color, morphology, and mass functions at high redshift and low for departures from pure local (closed box) evolution


9:15 -10:00   Hogg, Franx, Ellis 


Coffee break


10:30-12:30 Discussion


Session 2.

Chair: Kennicutt


Star formation histories inferred from distant and local star populations and interstellar and intergalactic gas


14:00 -15:00 Kennicutt, Madau, Wyse, Charlot


Tea break


15:30 -17:30 Discussion




Thursday May 10

Session 3. Chair: Silk


Galaxy formation histories of the present morphological types, ellipticals to irregulars, and whatever else is present at higher



09:00-10:00 Silk, Wolfe, Steidel, Lilly


Coffee break


10:30-12:30 Discussion


Session 4. Chair: Efstathiou


Clustering and the environmental dependence of galaxy formation and



14:00 -14:45  Efstathiou, Colless, Cowie


Tea break


15:15 -17:15  Discussion

Friday May 11


Session 5. Chair: Fukugita


Critical tests of structure formation models, including CDM and its variants


09:00 -10:00 Fukugita, Frenk, Ostriker, Kauffmann


Coffee break


10:30 -12:30 Discussion


Session 6. Chair: Franx


How have the discussions at this meeting changed or reenforced

our ideas on how the galaxies formed?


14:00-14:20 Peebles, White

14:20-16:20 Discussion


16:20-      Discussion continued over Wine and Cheese in the

Common Room