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Singular limits of reaction-diffusion systems :
Interfaces and spikes

Lorentz Center, Leiden, March 12 - 23, 2001

Monday March 12th 2001

10.00-10.15: Opening by A. Meijler and D. Pladys
10.15-11.00 S. Angenent
  The extended Fisher-Kolmogorov equation, Hamiltonian systems
  of contact type, and a singular perturbation problem
11.00-11.30: Coffee
11.30-12.15: E. Yanagida
  Reaction-diffusion systems with gradient/skew-gradient structure
15.30-16.00: Tea
16.00-16.45: E. Logak
  Interface dynamics in Fisher-type models
17.00-17.45: H. Garcke
  Cahn-Hilliard systems and elastic interactions

Tuesday March 13th 2001 : SPIKES

9.30-10.15: M. Ward
  The stability and dynamics of spikes for the Gierer-Meinhardt Model
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: M. Kowalczyk
  Multi-bump ground states of the Gierer-Meinhardt system in ${\bf R}^2$
11.30-12.15: X. Chen
  Generation and diminution of metastable patterns
15.30-16.00: Tea
16.00-16.45: M. Mimura
  Special demonstration : Traveling spots: experiments and reaction-diffusion systems
17.00-17.45: S.-I. Ei
  Dynamics of pulses in reaction-diffusion systems

Wednesday March 14th 2001

9.30-10.15: F. Bethuel
  Concentration phenomena in Ginzburg-Landau equations and NLS
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.15: Presentation of the posters
11.15-12.15: Poster Session :
J.Coville Travelling waves in integrodifferential equations
E. Crooks Travelling fronts for reaction-diffusion-convection systems
C. Dupaix A finite volume method for reaction-diffusion systems arising in biology
P.P.N. de Groen Stability in the shadow system of the Gierer-Meinhardt model
M. Guedda Nonexistence of global solutions for evolution equations
I. Guerra Asymptotic results for injection of reactive solutes from a
  three-dimensional well
M. Hamouda Singular perturbations and non classical boundary layers generated
  by a singularity in the source function
F. Issard-Roch Long-time convergence of solutions to the phase-field model
K.I. Nakamura Asymptotic behavior of solutions to a model of screw dislocations
I. Ohnishi Structure of steady states of Fitz-Hugh Nagumo type
  activator-inhibitor system
J.F. Scheid A phase-field model for the solidification of binary alloy
R. Weidenfeld On some reaction-diffusion systems with non linear diffusion arising
  in biology

Thursday March 15th 2001 : TRAVELLING WAVES

9.30-10.15: H. Berestycki
  Propagation of fronts in periodic media and gradient estimates
  for singular elliptic equations
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: B. Gilding
  What's new in wavefront solutions of scalar reaction-diffusion equations?
15.30-16.00: Tea
16.00-16.45: F. Hamel
  Conical-shaped travelling fronts and a free boundary problem
  arising in combustion theory
17.00-17.45: H. Matano
  Travelling waves in spatially inhomogeneous media

Friday March 16th 2001

9.30-10.15: R. Temam
  Mathematical problems in meteorology and oceanography
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: S. Verduijn-Lunel
  Analysis of shear layers in a fluid with temperature-dependent viscosity
11.30-12.15: C.M. Brauner
  On a combustion-radiation model

Monday March 19th 2001

9.30-10.15: L.A. Peletier
  Fourth order model equations: stationary solutions and travelling waves
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: D. Bothe
  Instantaneous reactions with mass transport
15.30-16.00: Tea
16.00-16.45: R. Eymard
  Reaction-diffusion equations and Stefan problems
17.00-17.45: S. Labbé
  Free boundary problems in micromagnetism

Tuesday March 20th 2001 : GRAY-SCOTT TYPE EQUATIONS

9.30-10.15: M. Mimura
  Limited resource-consumer RD systems
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: W. van Saarloos
  Singular fronts in bacterial growth models: stability of planar
  propagating fronts and moving boundary approximations
11.30-12:30: M. Langlais
  An application of homogenization techniques to a population
  dynamics problem
14.45-15.30: Y. Nishiura
  Symmetry and complex dynamics in dissipative systems
15.30-16.00: Tea
16.00-16.45: T. Kaper
  Annular rings and their destabilization into spots in the
  2-D Gray-Scott model
17.00-17.45: A. Doelman
  Homoclinic stripe patterns

Wednesday March 21st 2001

10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: D. Hilhorst
  On some reaction-diffusion system approximation of the classical
  Stefan problem

Thursday March 22nd 2001 : FREE BOUNDARY PROBLEMS

9.30-10.15: M. Chipot
  Continuity of the free boundary in some two dimensional problems
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: U. Ebert
  Streamers: Ionization front dynamics in electric discharges
15.30-16.00: Tea
16.00-16.45: Y. Tonegawa
  Phase field model with a variable chemical potential
17.00-17.45: R. Schätzle
  Quadratic tilt-excess decay and strong maximum principle for varifolds

Friday March 23rd 2001

9.30-10.15: R. van der Hout
  Nonuniqueness of the heat flow of harmonic maps from the disk
  to the sphere
10.15-10.45: Coffee
10h45-11.30: M.A. Peletier
  Localization and unstable behaviour in long elastic structures

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