Lorentz Center - Science with the Low Frequency Array
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    Science with the Low Frequency Array

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Peter Barthel(Groningen, Netherlands)
Robert Braun(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Jaap Bregman(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Frank Briggs(Groningen, Netherlands)
William Cotton(Charlottesville, Virginia, United States)
Ger de Bruyn(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Marco de Vos(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Heino Falcke(Bonn, Germany)
Rob Fender(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Michael Garret(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Namir Kassim(Washington, DC, United States)
Joseph Lazio(Washington, United States)
Colin Lonsdale(Westford, MA, United States)
Jean-Pierre Macquart(Groningen, Netherlands)
Raffaella Morganti(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Jan Noordam(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Sven Nordebo(Vxj, Sweden)
Divya Oberoi(Orleans, France)
Hermann Opgenoorth(Uppsala, Sweden)
R. Ramachandran(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Jan Reitsma(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Tore Risch(Uppsala, Sweden)
Huub Rottgering(Leiden, Netherlands)
Marco Spaans(Groningen, Netherlands)
Ben Stappers(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Bo Thide(Uppsala, Sweden)
Rien van de Weijgaert(Groningen, Netherlands)
Michiel van Haarlem(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Rene Vermeulen(Dwingeloo, Netherlands)
Kurt W. Weiler(Washington, DC, United States)
Philippe Zarka(Meudon, France)
Anton Zensus(Bonn, Germany)