Lorentz Center - Type Ia Supernovae: Theory meets Observation
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    Type Ia Supernovae: Theory meets Observation

Draft Programme LOFAR User Requirements Review and Workshop


Updated July 12, 2002


Location: Lorentz Centre, Leiden

Dates: 15 26 July, 2002


At the Lorentz Center Workshop on Type Ia Supernovae, which will be

attended by about 50 leading scientists in the field,

the discussions will be grouped according to the following 6 themes:


1. SN Ia Progenitors

2. High-Z observations of SNe Ia

3. Observational diversity and population aspects

4. SN Ia Explosion models

5. Radiative transfer models/light curves and spectra

6. SN Ia Nucleosynthesis


In order to have the right mix of discussion opportunities, we will

-- besides the spontaneous individual discussions which may make up most

of the workshop -- have organized discussions in small groups (brain

storming sessions) according to the themes mentioned above. Furthermore,

we will have three kinds of plenary sessions:


A) "Review Sessions" (RSs), where an "informal review talk" will be

given (i.e., there will be, no obligation to provide a written text,

plenty of discussion during the talk, etc.), with the aim, together

with the discussions, to update everybodies knowledge to the



B) "Contributions Sessions" (CSs), where everybody has the chance to report

on very recent results which are not general knowledge yet. Everybody might

want to bring her/his most relevant transparencies for this!


C) "Discussion Sessions" (DSs), where the results of the brain storming

sessions are discussed among all participants.


As we have a very relaxed schedule, the time

of one hour per plenary session is only to be understood as indication;

it will be adjusted to our needs.


We will have:


tea/coffee "breaks" every morning at 10:30

lunch at 12:30 13:30

tea/coffee "breaks" every afternoon at 14:30


Wine & cheeseparties at the Lorentz Center on

Monday 15 and Monday 22 at 17:00





11:00 - 12:00

15:00 - 16:00

Mo July 15

Welcome & registration

RS: Progenitors (Podsiadlowski)

Tu July 16

RS: High-Z (Kirshner)

RS: Diversity (Leibundgut)

We July 17

RS: Explosions (Khokhlov)

RS: Radiation (Mazzali a.o)

Th July 18


CS: Progenitors (Isern)

Fr July 19

CS: High-Z (Suntzeff)

CS: Diversity (Hamuy)




Sa July 20



Su July 21

Barbeque on the beach at 17:00





Mo July 22

CS: Explosions (Livne)

CS: Radiation (Hoeflich)

Tu July 23

CS: Nuclei (Nomoto)

DS: Progenitors (Isern)

We July 24

DS: High-Z (Suntzeff)

DS: Diversity (Hamuy)

Th July 25

DS: Explosions (Livne)

DS: Radiation (Hoeflich)

Fr July 26

DS: Nuclei (Nomoto)





*: to be confirmed