Lorentz Center - Symposium "Single-Molecule Detection and Nano-Optics"
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    Symposium "Single-Molecule Detection and Nano-Optics"

Symposium “Single-Molecule Detection and Nano-Optics”

Symposium “Single-Molecule Detection and Nano-Optics”


10.00-10.30       Registration and coffee

10.30-10.35       Opening by the programmemanagers N.F. van Hulst and J. Schmidt

10.35-11.15       V. Sandoghdar (ETH-Zürich):

“Intruding on the intimate world of molecules: nanometer spatial

resolution in studying dipole-dipole coupled systems”

11.20-11.45       T.J. Aartsma (Leiden University):

“Near-field enhanced ultra-resolution microscopy”

11.50-12.15       Th. Rasing (University of Nijmegen):

“New approaches in single-molecule optics”

12.20-12.45       H.J. Bakker (AMOLF Amsterdam):

“Time-resolved spectroscopy of a single molecular vibration”

12.50-13.45       Lunch

13.45-14.25       J. Wrachtrup (University of Stuttgart):

”Single-molecule detection and biophotonics”

14.30-14.55       M. Ketelaars, T.J. Aartsma, J. Schmidt (Leiden University) :

“Spectroscopy of single light-harvesting complexes of photo-synthetic


15.00-15.30       Tea

15.30-15.55       E. van Dijk, J. Korterik, N.F. van Hulst (University of Twente) :

“Single-molecule response in close proximity to a metallic tip”

16.00-16.25       R. Vallee, N. Tomczak, K. Kuipers, J. Vansco, N.F. van Hulst (University of Twente):

“Single-molecule lifetime trajectories reveal segmental dynamics in


16.30-16.55       R. Verberk, M. Orrit (Leiden University):

“The power-law dependence of the blinking of single semiconducting


17.00-18.00       Visit of the laboratories

18.00-19.30       Dinner

19.30-21.00       Discussion about a possible future FOM programme