Lorentz Center - Mini-symposium "Complexity in Optics"
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    Mini-symposium "Complexity in Optics"

Mini-symposium "Complexity in Optics"

Mini-symposium "Complexity in Optics"

November 29, 2002

Leiden Institute of Physics

De Sitter auditorium




10.10         Welcome

10.15         Michael Berry (Bristol): Unstable lasers: fractality and excess noise

10.55         Ad Lagendijk (Twente): When is an optical material photonic?

11.35         Joseph Eberly (Rochester): Memory Force - a Quantum Tie that Can Bind

12.15         Lunch

13.15         Jonathan Dowling (JPL): Quantum Metrology

13.55         Di(r)k Bouwmeester (UCSB): Quantum cloning and multi-photon quantum cryptography

14.35         Tea

15.05         Wolfgang Schleich (Ulm): Quantum anticentrifugal forces

15.45         Han Woerdman (Leiden): Surprises in open resonators

16.30         Closing