Lorentz Center - OmegaCAMs First Surveys
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    OmegaCAMs First Surveys


MONDAY June 30      Overview

1330  Welcome

1340  Aims of the meeting, Kuijken

1400  ASTRO-WISE and what it can do for you, Valentijn

1430  German plans for guaranteed time use of VST, Hopp/Saglia

1515  Italian plans for guaranteed time use of VST, Busarello/Cappellaro

1600  NL plans; overview, Heraudeau

1615  break

1630  VISTA, Emerson

1700  Wine & cheese party


TUESDAY July 1     Proposed topics by subject.

                              Each slot includes small talks and discussion

0900  MEGACAM surveys, Mellier

0930  Weak lensing projects for the VST, Schneider

1015  Galaxy clusters, superclusters, groups, Valentijn, Trager, Heraudeau, vdWeygaert

1115  break

1145  Ly-alpha halos, Rottgering

1230  Lunch

1330  Galactic structure, microlensing, Kuijken

1430  Dwarf spheroidals, ???

1500  break

1515  Nearby galaxies, Helmi, Heraudeau, Trager

1600  Galactic white dwarfs, Groot

1900  Conference dinner - beach barbeque in Katwijk


WEDNESDAY July 2     Possible joint projects

0915  Possible public surveys

1015  Exploitation of 2df, exploitation of UKIDSS

1115  break

1130  Splinter sessions

1230  lunch

Afternoon: Splinter meetings / work


THURSDAY July 3     Splinter meetings NL community

To be organized on Wednesday

Outcome should be revision of submitted proposals, a first-year program for NL guaranteed time, and a set of items to be investigated for broadening these into consortium or OmegaCAM/VST-wide projects.


Can also include a more general users meeting.   TBD