Lorentz Center - Electronic Properties of Organic Semi-conductors
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    Electronic Properties of Organic Semi-conductors


All lectures are held in Room 201, Huygens Building


Monday - Polyacenes


09:15                        General Introduction


09:30                        Bergemann/ Takeya:

                                Charge Transport and Search for Metallic Behaviour in Polyacenes: SCLC, Intercalation, and Single-Crystal FET


10:45                        Coffee & tea, Common Room


11:15                        de Boer:

Electronic Transport Properties of Tetracene Single Crystals


12:30                        Lunch at Gorlaeus Canteen, Huygens Building


14:00                        Ciuchi:

Dynamical Mean Field Theory of Small Polarons


15:15                        Coffee & tea, Common Room


15:45                        Ramirez:                   

Progress in Single Crystal Organic Electronics


17:00                        WINE & CHEESE PARTY, Common Room



Tuesday - High density


09:30                        Iwasa:      

Doping Properties and Field Effect On Carbon Cluster Solids


10:45                        Coffee & tea


11:15                        Craciun:   

Alkali Doped Metal-Phthalocyanine: A New Class of Molecular Metals


12:30                        Lunch


14:00                        Takagi:     

Perovskite FETs


15:15                        Coffee & tea


15:45                         Manini:                       
Sensitivity of the Mott transition to noncubic splitting of the orbital degeneracy: Application to NH3K3C60

Wednesday - Charge transfer salts


09:30                        Hasegawa:        

Symmetric-gate Ambipolar Field Effect in Organic Mott Insulator, (BEDT-TTF) (F2TCNQ)


10:45                        Coffee & tea


11:15                        Pasquier:  

From Mott Insulator to Superconductivity in Charge Transfer Salts: Bulk Properties and Possible Effects of Doping


12:30                        Lunch


14:00                        Fukuyama:        

Diversity and Systematics of Ground Stales of Molecular Solids


15:15                        Coffee & tea                              


18:00                        BBQ at ‘de Zeester’, Katwijk aan Zee



Thursday - Coulomb repulsion


09:30                        Sawatzky: 

Electronic Structure Modifications of Molecules at Interfaces


10:45                        Coffee & tea


11:15                        Brocks:     

Modeling Electronic Correlations in Organic Molecular Crystals


12:30                        Lunch


14:00                        Kloc:

Effect of Impurities and Defects on Physical Properties of Organic semiconductors


15:15                        Coffee & tea



Friday - Low density


09:30                        Gershenson:     

Single-Crystal Organic Field-Effect Transistors


10:45                        Coffee & tea


11:15                        Pflaum:       

Charge Carrier Transport in Organic Single Crystals Studied by Time-Of-Flight Spectroscopy


12:30                        Lunch


14:00                        de Wijs:    

Pentacene: Polymorphism and Electronic Transport


15:15                        Coffee & tea