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    Mathematics of Cryptology

EIDMA-Stieltjes Onderwijsweek / Graduate Course

Officially the workshop starts at 13.45. The Last Lectures of the preceding Graduate Course maybe also of interest for the workshop participants. Registration of workshop participants during the day


Friday September 26

10.00-11.00         Edixhoven: "Point counting on hyperelliptic curves, part III"

11.00-11.30         coffee

11.30-12.30         Cramer: "Verifiable secret sharing and secure multi-party computation, part III"

12.30-13.45         lunch buffet for participants of the workshop and participants of the graduate course


(End of Graduate Course)



Mathematics of Cryptology


Preliminary program



13.45-14.00         Introduction (Start of workshop)

14.00-15.00         Jacques Stern: "When provable security meets number theory"

15.00-15.30         tea

15.30-16.30         Hendrik Lenstra: "Recent developments in primality testing" (tentative title)

16.30-                 Wine & Cheese Party


Monday September 29

10.00-11.00         Rene Schoof: "Construction of Weil and Tate pairings"

11.00-11.30         coffee

11.30-12.30         Alan Lauder: "Computing zeta functions of hyperelliptic curves via deformations"

12.30-14.00         lunch

14.00-15.00         Ueli Maurer: "Probability Theory in Cryptography"

15.00-15.30         tea

15.30-16.00         Gregor Leander: "On codes, matroids and secure multi-party computation from linear secret sharing schemes"

16.00-16.30         Roberto Avanzi: "The cryptographic marriage of Frobenius and Point Halving"


Tuesday September 30

10.00-11.00         Gerhard Frey: "Applications of pairings in cryptography" (tentative title)

11.00-11.30         coffee

11.30-12.30         Hans Dobbertin: "Some Mathematics Behind the Design of Block Ciphers"

12.30-14.00         lunch

14.00-15.00         Frederik Vercauteren: "p-adic algorithms for counting points on elliptic curves"

15.00-15.30         tea

15.30-16.00         Martijn Stam: "Primitive Sets in Number Fields for Absolutely Optimal Black Box Secret Sharing"

16.00-16.30         David Galindo: "Easy Verifiable Primitives and Practical PKC's"

18.00-22.00         Boattrip with conference dinner


Wednesday October 1

10.00-11.00         Arjen Lenstra: "Integer factorization and cryptology"

11.00-11.30         coffee

11.30-12.30         Phong Nguyen: "New results on lattice-based cryptography"

12.30-14.00         lunch

14.00-15.00         Ronald Cramer: "Secure encryption from hard subgroup membership problems"

15.00-15.30         tea

15.30-16.15         Berry Schoenmakers: "Homomorphic cryptosystems and applications"


Thursday October 2

10.00-11.00         Peter Stevenhagen: "Constructing elliptic curves with a given number of points"

11.00-11.30         coffee

11.30-12.30         Igor Shparlinski: "Playing 'Hide-and-Seek' in Finite Fields: Hidden Number Problem and Its Applications"

12.30-14.00         lunch

14.00-15.00         Bas Edixhoven: "A possible generalisation of Schoof's algorithm"

15.00-15.30         tea

15.30-16.00         Christophe Ritzenthaler: "Point counting on genus 3 non-hyperelliptic curves"


(End of Workshop)