Lorentz Center - Herschel Preparatory Science Meeting from 14 Dec 2004 through 17 Dec 2004
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    Herschel Preparatory Science Meeting
    from 14 Dec 2004 through 17 Dec 2004





December 15



09h00:       Welcome and goals



PES and Collisional Rates  (Chairman : J. Cernicharo)


09h20        D. Flower             Collisional rates for Methanol and

                                                other X-OH species

09h50        M.L. Dubernet    Collisional rates of H2O and other



10h20-10h45                         Coffee Break


10h45m     J. Noga                Future trends for explicitely correlated


11h15        P. Valiron             PES : H2O, HC3N, ...

11h45        A. Faure              Electron-molecule collisions in harsh

                                                astronomical environments


12h00-13h30                         Lunch


13h30        M.L. Senent         The surface SO-He & SO2-He

                   or A. Spieldfeld                     


13h50        T. Stoecklin         Collisional rates for He  HF and H+CH+


14h10        S. Montero          State to state collisional rates from

                                                laboratory experiments


14h10-15h10                         Coffee Break


15h10-16h00                         General Discussion : The excitation of the vibrational

modes of abundant molecules (SiO, SiS, HCN, H2O,

SO, SO2...)

                                                Chairmen : P. Valiron & N. Feautrier.


Chemistry Models and Laboratory Experiments

(Chairman : E. Roueff)

16h00        E. Herbst             A review of chemical models : What is

                                                needed, what we can do for Herschel.

                                                Grain Chemistry. Confirmed


16h30        T. Millar                The chemistry of Protoplanetary


17h00        J. Stutzki              Models for Photodissociation Regions

                   or M. Roellig       The PDR Leiden Workshop


17.30                                                                                              Wine and Cheese Party


December 16


09h00        C. Joblin              Search for large carbon molecules in

                                                the space

09h25         B. Kerkeni          Quantum Dynamics Method For

Predicting Rate Constants

09h50        E. Roueff             Deuterated species. Chemistry and

                                                astrophysical models

10H15        M. Costes            Integral cross sections of neutral-neutral

                                                reactions at low energies


10h40-11h10                         Coffee Break


11h10        P. Casavecchia   Differential cross sections of neutral-

                                                neutral reactions from crossed beam

                                                experiments: primary products,

branching ratios and reaction dynamics

11h35        I. Sims                 Reaction and relaxation of neutral

species at low temperatures



12h00-13h30                         Lunch



13h30        S. Viti                   Chemical modelling of star forming


14h00        E. Dartois            The spectrum of methanol and other

species from the mid-infrared to

the millimeter domain  

14h15-14h45                         General Discussion

(Chairman E. Herbst & E. Roueff)


Spectroscopy (Chairman: Pierre Encrenaz)

14h45        J. Pearson           Submm Spectroscopy and Spectral


T. Giesen                                Spectroscopy of carbon clusters at


15h30         H. Muller             The Koln Spectral Catalog


15h40-16h00                         Coffee Break   


16h00        G. Wlodarczak    Spectroscopy of small ions

16h20        M. Vervloet          Far-IR spectroscopy of molecules of

                                                Astrophysical Interest

16h40        S. Thorwirth         Small Sulfur Clusters in the Gas Phase:

Pure Rotational Spectroscopy of S3 and S4

17h00        J.P. Maier            Electronic Spectroscopy of Radicals

17h30        J. Cernicharo      Spectroscopy from Space. Spectral

                                                Line surveys


17h40        P. Encrenaz        Primordial molecules


17h50        General Discussion : Future Work. Spectral Catalogs

                                                (Chairperson : J. Pearson)




December 17


Astrophysical Models and Miscellaneous (Chairman :E: Herbst)


09h00        A. Hjalmarson     ODIN results on H2O and line surveys

as input for future Herschel observations

09h20        E. van Dishoeck Models for H2O and other species in

                                                star forming regions

09h50        J. Alcolea            Radiative transfer models of evolved

                                                stars. (Cancelled)

10h10        J. Goicoechea   OH and H2O in the galactic center and

                                                Orion : Observations with Herschel.

                                                Related species


10h30-11h00 Coffee Break


11h00        M. Gerin               The diffuse ISM. Models and predictions

                                                or P. Hennebel for Herschel

11h20        M. Hogerheijde  The H2O radiative transfer workshop


11h40        J. Black                Excitation of reactive ions


12h10-13h30                         Lunch


13h30-15h30  General Discussion : (Chairpersons : Ewine & Pepe)