Lorentz Center - Complex Behavior in Correlated Electron Systems from 1 Aug 2005 through 19 Aug 2005
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    Complex Behavior in Correlated Electron Systems
    from 1 Aug 2005 through 19 Aug 2005


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Auerbach - Self Organization in Non Equilibrium.ppt download
Barbosa da Silva Neta - Magnetic and Raman response properties in La2CuO4.ppt download
Chamon - Quantum Glassiness and Topological Overprotection.ppt download
Cugliandolo - Dissipative disordered quantum spin systems.pdf download
Curro - Spatial Correlation of Spin and Charge in LESCO.ppt download
Dobrosavljevic - 2D-MIT as a Wigner-Mott Transition.ppt download
Giarmachi - Transport and Aging in Wigner Glass.pdf download
Gozar - Antiferromagnetic Resonances.ppt download
Grempel - Slow dynamics and aging in the coulomg glass.ppt download
Kopp - Interfaces with High Temperature Superconductors.ppt download
Kravchenko - Spin susceptibility near the 2 D metal-insulator transition.ppt download
MacLaughlin - Critical and Glassy Spin Dynamics in Non-Fermi-Liquid Heavy-Fermion Metals.pdf download
Miranda - Electronic Griffiths phases and dissipative spin liquids.ppt download
Moessner - Pyrochlore spin ice.pdf download
Mudry - The quantum three-coloring dimer model & quantum glassiness.pdf download
Mueller - Memory effects in electron glasses.ppt download
Muhkin - Phonon softening as a keyhole into dynamic stripe-phase.pdf download
Panagopoulos - Quantum criticality revealed by glass order.pdf download
Popovic - Glassy Dynamics Near the 2D MIT.ppt download
Rosenbaum - Quantum Spin Glasses and Spin Liquids.ppt download
Takagi - Single crystals of LiV2O4 grown by flux technique.pdf download
Thompson - Dielectric Glassiness in Hole-Doped but Insulating Cuprates&Nickelates.pdf download
Troyer - Supersolid phases of (lattice) bosons.pdf download
Vojta - Rare regions, Griffiths effects & smeared phase transitions.pdf download
Yang - Complexity at the Edge of Quantum Hall Liquids.ppt download
Zimanyi - Long range forces at work.ppt download
van den Brink - Bond- versus site-centred ordering and possible ferroelectricity in manganites.ppt download