Lorentz Center - Hydrodynamics of Bubbly Flows from 6 Jun 2005 through 16 Jun 2005
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    Hydrodynamics of Bubbly Flows
    from 6 Jun 2005 through 16 Jun 2005

Colloquium June 6-8, 2005:

Colloquium June 6-8, 2005:



Monday, June 6


11.00         Opening

                   Leen van Wijngaarden and Detlef Lohse


11.10         Yoichiro Matsumoto, Tokyo (40+5)

                   “Bubbly Turbulence”


11.55         Said Elgobashi, Irvine  (30+5)

                   “Reynolds number effect on drag reduction in a microbubble-laden spatially-developing turbulent boundary layer”


12.30         Lunch


13.30         John Blake, Birmingham (40+5)

                   “Singularities in Bubble Dynamics”


14.15         Hanneke Bluemink, Twente (15+5)

                   “Solid body rotation”


14.35         Jan Dusek, Strasbourg (30+5)

                   “Transition to chaos of a light rigid sphere ascending freely in a Newtonian fluid”


15.10         Tea & coffee


15.40         Marek Ruzicka, Prague (30+5)

                   “Scale-up of discrete bubble equations”


16.15         John Tsamopoulos, Patras (30+5)

                   “Numerical calculation of the deformation of bubbles in a filament undergoing stretching”


16.50         Wine & Cheese party



Tuesday, June 7


09.00         Jacques Magnaudet, Toulouse (40+5)

                   “Wake and path instability of spheroidal bubbles”


09.45         Woodrow Shew, Lyon (30+5)

                   “Path instabilty of a rising bubble”


10.20         Christian Veldhuis, Twente (15+5)

                   “Rising bubbles; “Interaction of bubble path, wake and shape”


10.40         Coffee break


11.05         Federico Toschi, Rome  (30+5)

                   "From ideal to real particles in Lagrangian turbulence"


11.40         Veronique Roig, Toulouse(30+5)

                   “Characteristic length scales and spectral analysis in a homogeneous bubbly flow at high Re”


12.15         Dominique Legendre, Toulouse (30+5)

                   “Interaction between tow spherical bubbles rising in a liquid”


12.50         Lunch


14.15         Cristophe Clanet, Marseille (40+5)

                   “Dynamics and stability of long bubbles in vertical tubes”


15.00         Rob Mudde, Delft (30+5)

                   “Stable, homogeneous bubbly flow at void fractions up to 55%”


15.35         Tea & coffee break


15.55         Michel Lance, Lyon (30+5)

                   “On the role of wall-structures in turbulent bubbly flows”


16.30         Peter Spelt, London (30+5)

                   “Entraiment of drops and bubbles from a wall and shear-driven crawling”


17.05         Roberto Zenit, Mexico (30+5)

                   “Clustering in high Re monodispersed bubbly flows”


19.00         Colloquium dinner



Wednesday, June 8


09.00         Alfonso M. Gañán-Calvo, Sevilla (40+5)

                   “Microbubbling in microfluidics using Flow Focusing for moderate-high Reynolds”


09.45         Frédéric Risso, Toulouse (30+5)

                   “Liquid velocity fluctuations induced by large-Reynolds-number rising bubbles: experiments and numerical simulations”


10.20         Ramon van den Berg, Twente (15+5)

                   “Drag reduction in bubbly Taylor-Couette turbulence”


10.40         Coffee break


11.05         Vivek Buwa, Erlangen (30+5)

                   “Numerical simulations of Bubble Formation on Submerged Orifices”


11.40         Arzhang Khalili , Bremen (30+5)

                   “Dynamic structure of uprising gas in porous media and its effect on flow of the surrounding liquid”


12.15         Alejandro Sevilla Santiago, Twente (15+5)

                   “The slowing-down of a single bubble approaching a swarm”


12.35         Lunch


14.00         Itamar Procaccia, Rehovot  (30+5)

                   “Drag reduction by Microbubbles in Turbulent Flows: the Limit of Minute Bubbles”


14.35         Niels Deen, Twente (30+5)

                   “Multi-scale modelling of bubbly flows”


15.10         Roberto Benzi, Rome (30+5)

                   "Modelling slip boundary conditions in microchannel using the Lattice Boltzmann Equation"


15.45         Sarah Brown, Birmingham (15+5)

                   “Pulsation of a Large Buoyant Bubble”


16.05         Tea & Coffee break


16.20         Andrea Prosperetti, Johns Hopkins (30+5)

                   “Physalis: a numerical method for two-phase flow”



Workshop June 9-16, 2005:



Thursday, June 9


09.00         Gretar Tryggvason, Worcester (40+5)

                   “Direct Numerical Simulations of Bubbly Flows”


12.30         Lunch


14.00         Alfredo Soldati, Udine (30+5)

                   “Mechanisms for Microbubble Transfer in the Wall Region of Vertical Channel Flow”



Friday, June 10


09.00         Masao Watanabe, Fukuoka (30+5)

                   “Interaction and coalescence of bubbles in quiescent liquid”


12.30         Lunch


14.00         Arie Biesheuvel & Christian Veldhuis, Twente (30+5)

                   Rising bubbles; “Modelling bubble motion”



Monday, June 13


09.00         Andrea Prosperetti, Johns Hopkins (40+5)

                   “Gas-Vapor Bubbles in Flow and Acoustic Fields”


12.30         Lunch


14.00         Open slot



Tuesday, June 14


09.00         Luca Biferale, Rome (30+5)

                   “Lagrangian Turbulence”


12.30         Lunch


14.00         Igor Chernyshev, Volgograd (30+5)
“Hydrodynamic flows of microbubble liquid”



Wednesday, June 15


09.00         Kazuyasu Sugiyama,  Tokyo (30+5)

                   Numerical simulations of microbubble drag reduction”


12.30         Lunch


14.00         Luis Portela, Delft (30+5)

                   “Influence of the Bubble and Pressure Driving-Forces on the Dynamics of Bubbly Turbulent Vertical Pipe Flows”



Thursday, June 16


09.00         Can Delale, Istanbul (30+5)

                   “Stability of Steady-State Solutions of Quasi-one-dimensional Bubbly Cavitating Nozzle Flows”


12.30         Lunch