Lorentz Center - Nucleosynthesis in Binary Stars from 4 Apr 2005 through 15 Apr 2005
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    Nucleosynthesis in Binary Stars
    from 4 Apr 2005 through 15 Apr 2005





The first day of the workshop will be devoted to a general round of introductions, followed by three 45-min talks giving a general overview of the topics we would like to bring together in the workshop. In the afternoon, after a general discussion, the participants will organize themselves into smaller groups of people interested in working on specific problems during the workshop.

The format of the following days is to typically have two talks in the morning, of 30-45 min duration, followed by coffee and a brief general discussion. For the rest of the day the participants work and/or discuss in smaller groups. We reconvene each day at 16:00h for another two talks during the first week, while also each group can report on progress made during the day. There will be room for additional short oral contributions from the participants, focusing on problems in the field, also during the second week. The presentations can be of an impromtu nature as the workshop progresses.


Monday 04 April 2005Setting the scene
10:00 Introductory session: everybody gets 1-2 minutes to introduce them-

selves and their work, and how it relates to binary star nucleosynthesis.

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Stellar nucleosynthesis - Langer (massive stars) & Lattanzio intermediate

-mass stars).

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Binary star evolution - Pols
14:15 Population (nucleo)synthesis - Izzard

15:00 Coffee

15:30 Discussion session:

General discussion on the theme of the workshop;
Identify problems that we would like to work on during the next 2 weeks;
Organize breakout discussion groups, or working groups.

17:00 wine and cheese party


Tuesday 05 April 2005
09:30 Pre-solar grains - Davis
10:15 Spectroscopic binaries, extrinsic AGBs of different metallicities and related

nucleosynthesis - Gallino

16:00 AGB nucleosynthesis - Stancliffe?
16:45 The most massive AGB stars - Siess

Wednesday 06 April 2005
09:30 Observations of novae - Shore
10:15 Theory and models of novae - Jose

12:30 Workshop lunch - at hotel "Het Witte Huis", Oegstgeest (10 min walk from LC)

16:00 Rotational mixing, also binary-induced - Langer

Thursday 07 April 2005
09:30 SN1a progenitor models - Yoon
10:15 SN1a observations and constraints - Tout
16:00 Observations of funny binaries - Jeffery
16:45 Nucleosynthesis in globular clusters, influence of binaries - Hurley

19:00 workshop dinner - at Indonesian restaurant Surakarta


Friday 08 April 2005
09:30 Ba stars and the like, implications for binary systems - van Eck
10:15 Post-AGB stars, why are binaries involved? - van Winkel
16:00 What we are working on? Why is it good for binary star nucleosynthesis? -
  PhD students




Saturday 09 April 2005

13:00 Lunch at a pancake restaurant, followed by a boat tour through the canals

of Leiden.

Sunday 10 April 2005

Excursion to the Keukenhof: the famous landscaped garden with tulip and other bulb flower displays (they're in season).

Other suggestions for weekend activities:

Cycling trips in the surroundings of Leiden: dunes, beaches, and tulip fields. Leiden has many excellent musea that are well worth visiting; or visit Amsterdam, the lively capital of the Netherlands.



The workshop continues with more emphasis on informal discussions and small working groups, but (impromptu) presentations are also possible. The program will be adapted as the workshop progresses.


Monday 11 April 2005
09:30 Modelling the formation of GP Com - Nelemans

Tuesday 12 April 2005

09.30    Anomalous routes to binary evolution Eggleton

10:15 Discussion session: Binary mergers


Afternoon: Cycling trip to the beach!


Wednesday 13 April 2005

09:30 Observations of funny binaries - Jeffery

10:15 The mystery of the R stars and J stars - Lattanzio


12.15 Lunch - at restaurant Stadscafe Van der Werff

Thursday 14 April 2005
9:30 Djehuti - Eggleton

16:00 Fast parameters - Izzard


19:00 workshop dinner - at restaurant "Wessels"


Friday 15 April 2005
09:30 Small presentations based on the work done over two weeks.
11:00 Discussion of future plans and the direction we should take.

16:00 Wrap-up of the workshop.