Lorentz Center - Intelligent Data Analysis from 18 May 2005 through 20 May 2005
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    Intelligent Data Analysis
    from 18 May 2005 through 20 May 2005

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Michael Berthold(Konstanz, Germany)
Frans Birrer(Leiden, Netherlands)
Hendrik Blockeel(Leuven, Belgium)
Tim Cocx(Leiden, Netherlands)
Jeannette de Graaf(Leiden, Netherlands)
Edgar de Graaf(Leiden, Netherlands)
Jeroen de Knijf(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Jeroen Eggermont(Leiden, Netherlands)
Marit Eriksen(Leiden, Netherlands)
A. Fazel Famili(Ottawa, Canada)
Ad Feelders(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Karl Fraser(Uxbridge, United Kingdom)
Alexander Gammerman(London, United Kingdom)
Jelle Goeman(Leiden, Netherlands)
Bart Goethals(Antwerpen, Belgium)
David Hand(London, United Kingdom)
Michael Hirsch(London, United Kingdom)
Paul Kellam(London, United Kingdom)
Raya Khanin(Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Joost Kok(Leiden, Netherlands)
Walter Kosters(Leiden, Netherlands)
Jeroen Laros(Leiden, Netherlands)
Alex Lewin(London, United Kingdom)
Xiaohui Liu(London, United Kingdom)
Bart Mertens(2300RC Leiden, Netherlands)
Siegfried Nijssen(Leiden, Netherlands)
Paul O'Neill(Ubbridge, United Kingdom)
Jose Maria Peņa(Madrid, Spain)
Guido Sanguinetti(Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Arno Siebes(Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Stephen Swift(Uxbridge, United Kingdom)
Allan Tucker(London, United Kingdom)
Veronica Vinciotti(London, United Kingdom)
Ernst Wit(Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Hong Yan(Kowloon, Hong Kong)