At its conclusion the meeting adopted the following questions as key issues for the next four years of research.


1.         Can we map out a timeline for the origin and evolution of an AGN episode?

2.         What is the role of mergers in star-forming galaxies and AGN? What triggers AGN activity and how does the activity relate to starbursts? Whence radio-loudness?

3.         Physics of MBH accretion?

4.         How to improve on the MBH-sigma relation as function of redshift?

5.         Need complete census of accreting nuclei: UV vs. red vs. IR vs. radio vs. X-ray selection.

6.         How do M(blackhole) and M(stars) in galaxies evolve with redshift?

7.         Is it surprising to find luminous, massive, mature QSOs soon after or even during reionization?

8.         Does AGN/SF feedback (jets, winds, heating, ....) regulate SFR and MBH growth? Redshift dependence?