Lorentz Center - QSO Hosts: Evolution and Environment from 22 Aug 2005 through 26 Aug 2005
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    QSO Hosts: Evolution and Environment
    from 22 Aug 2005 through 26 Aug 2005


Lecture room:

De Sitterzaal, ground floor Oort Building



Monday, August 22


09.00 Registration, LC introduction

10.00 reviews:

 Introduction (Barthel/Sanders)

 Hutchings "QSO hosts - the broad perspective"

 Heckman - SDSS AGN

 Stockton "QSO Extended Emission Line Regions"


contributed talks:

 Bennert "Properties of AGN NLRs"

 Elitzur "The transition region between AGN and host galaxy"

 Haas "FIR SEDs"

 Lei Hao - "Spitzer/IRS mid-IR spectroscopy of AGN and QSOs"

 Tadhunter "The evolution of radio galaxy hosts"

17.00 Wine & Cheese party



Tuesday, August 23


09.00 reviews:

 Dunlop - an overview of the Dunlop c.s. work

 Sanders  "CO in QSO hosts"

 Canalizo "SF in QSO host Galaxies"


contributed talks:

 Osmer "QSO ISM"

 Morganti "AGN driven HI outflows"

 Maiolino "ISM Evolution in the most distant QSOs"

 Wisotzki "Colors and star-formation activity in QSO hosts"



Wednesday, August 24


09.00 reviews:

 Impey "Gravitational lensing and QSO hosts"

 Veilleux "Hosts and Environments of Local Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies and Quasars"


contributed talks:

 Greene "Hosts of intermediate mass BHs"

 Duschl "Cosmogony of supermassive BHs"

 Peterson "Black hole masses"

 Malkan "Measuring black holes in Seyferts near and far"

 Miralda-Escude "Star captures and QSO accretion"

19.00 Beach BBQ



Thursday, August 25


09.00 reviews:

 Fan "High z QSOs"

 McLeod "QSO hosts and environments at z=4" (t.b.c.)


contributed talks:

 Falomo "Adaptive optics images of quasar hosts up to z~3"

 McLure "The evolution of the MBH/bulge relation"

 Vestergaard - BHs in distant QSOs

 Urrutia "Hosts of dust reddened QSOs"

 Zakamska "Hosts of type II quasars: an HST study"

 Kotilainen "Nuclear luminosity dependence of high redshift hosts"

 Akiyama: "Host galaxies of X-ray selected QSOs"


Friday, August 26


09.00 reviews:

 Kauffmann "Insights gained from studying the relation of AGN to 'normal' galaxies in the local Universe"

 Haehnelt - evolving AGN/SF (?)

 Haiman "The first BHs and their hosts"


contributed talks:

 Ridgway "Evolution and luminosity dependence of QSO hosts"

 Windhorst "Did AGN growth and galaxy assembly go hand-in-hand?"

 Shields "Evolution of the black hole bulge relationships in QSOs"

 Heidt "Tracing the ULIRG-QSO connection towards large look-back times"


wrap up discussion section (DBS+PDB+....)

* 50min reviews (that should end with one key question for the group, to be discussed during 10min and further)

* 30min contributed talks



 Bertram "Molecural gas in nearby QSO hosts"

 Bon "The contribution of the disk emission to spectral lines in Active Galactic Nuclei"

 Bonning "Binary black holes"

 Down "Reddening of high redshift Molonglo quasars"

 Fischer "Nearby AGN and their hosts in the near-infrared"

 Jungwiert "3D spectroscopy and modelling of ENLRs" and "Mass loss from low-mass stars as AGN fuel"

 Labiano "?"

 Letawe "VLT spectroscopy of QSO hosts"

 Nozomu "Formation of SMBHs and QSO evolution"

 Pott "Star formation efficiency in infrared-excess quasars between the ULIRG and QSO stage"

 Salviander "Black hole bulge relationship for QSOs in the SDSS DR3"

 Verdoes "Radio galaxy jet orientation"

 Zuther "3C48"