Lorentz Center - Oscillations and Instability; control, near and far from equilibrium in Biology from 23 May 2005 through 3 Jun 2005
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    Oscillations and Instability; control, near and far from equilibrium in Biology
    from 23 May 2005 through 3 Jun 2005

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Peter Beek(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Michiel Berends(Wilrijk, Belgium)
Maarten Bobbert(AMSTERDAM, Netherlands)
Tjeerd Boonstra(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Harm Buisman(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Natalie Cappaert(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Ton Coolen(London, United Kingdom)
Andreas Daffertshofer(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Jan de Munck(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Tjeerd Dijkstra(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Eytan Domany(Rehovot, Israel)
Bard Ermentrout(Pittsburgh PA, United States)
Pascal Fries(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Stan Gielen(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Erik Harks(Maastricht, Netherlands)
Sanne Houweling(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Joost Hulshof(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Rik Jansen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Ole Jensen(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Bert Kappen(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Rikkert Keldermann(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Nancy Kopell(Boston, United States)
Martijn Kusters(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Maxim-Henri Lagrilliere(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Eunjeong Lee(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Andre Longtin(Ottawa, Canada)
David Lubensky(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Daniele Marinazzo(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Timothy Meagher(Duesseldorf, Germany)
Michael Muskulus(Leiden, Netherlands)
Marius-Ionut Ochea(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Lindsey Ossewaarde(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Alexander Panfilov(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Michiel Remme(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Arne Ridderikhoff(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Hidetsugu Sakaguchi(Kasuga, Fukuoka, Japan)
Jan Scholz(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Soon-Lim Shin(Antwerp, Belgium)
James Sneyd(Auckland, New Zealand)
Cornelis Stam(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Didier Staudenmann(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Dick Stegeman(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Kirsten ten Tusscher(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Pieter ten Wolde(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Lex Theuvenet(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Paul Tiesinga(Chapel Hill, United States)
Ronald van Elburg(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Anke van Mourik(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Arjen van Ooyen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Jaap van Pelt(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Harm Van zutven(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Wilbert Vanmeerwijk(Garnwerd, Netherlands)
Alistair Vardy(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Bastian Wemmenhove(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Dirk Ypey(Leiden, Netherlands)
Magteld Zeitler(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Fleur Zeldenrust(Amsterdam, Netherlands)