Lorentz Center - Star and Planet formation with the Spitzer Space Telescope from 11 Jul 2005 through 29 Jul 2005
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    Star and Planet formation with the Spitzer Space Telescope
    from 11 Jul 2005 through 29 Jul 2005

NOTE: On July 25, there will be a co-I meeting to discuss the CY06 Budgets

NOTE: On July 25, there will be a co-I meeting to discuss the CY06 Budgets and CY06 Team Meeting.


General plan:

The main goal is to write papers, which implies that people should stay as long as possible and leaders in certain areas should assemble the teams that need to interact.


The secondary goal is to keep everyone informed about crosscutting science issues. To achieve this, we will start each day with a plenary session (9:30-11:00) on a topic or topics and end with a plenary session (4:00-5:30) reporting progress and new issues.



Each week will have two coordinators, who will set up the detailed agenda, decide who needs to be there, and run that week's activities. In addition, each of the clouds will have a coordinator who should decide which people supplying ancillary data should attend for at least the focus day on that cloud.


Here are the Coordinators:


Week 1:                        Lee (Clouds) and Ewine (IRS)

Clouds:                         Lee (Lupus), Paul (Serpens), Alicia (Cham)


Week 2:                        Lori (Clouds) and Geoff (IRS)

Clouds:                         Debbie (Oph), Karl (Perseus), Debbie (Taurus)

Cross-cutting:               Extinction in clouds/cores (Nicholas, Tracy)


Week 3:                        Phil (Cores) and Debbie (Stars)

Cross-cutting:               Dust model with info from IRS, extinction, long-wave (Klaus, Tracy, Yancy)




Detailed Agendas as available:



Week 1 (July 11-15): Clouds/IRS (Lee and Ewine in charge of week)

Parallel work on IRS and Clouds


Focus Clouds:

Monday / Tuesday:       Lupus (Lee, Nicholas organize) (Fernando for optical)

Wednesday:                 Cham (Alicia organizes, Juan for optical, Neal represents Kaisa and Katelyn)

Thursday / Friday:         Serpens(Paul, Bill, Klaus organize) includes Jean-Louis, Melissa for Jason)


Focus Mapping issues:    Cloud catalog/photometry characteristics (Nicholas)

Separating low L sources from background galaxies (Shih-Ping)

Basic Data papers on Clouds


Focus IRS Issues:        Any residual data reduction issues (Fred, Adwin.)

SED analysis of sources in clouds (Shih-ping, Lucas, Jean-Charles, Jackie, Bruno, Fernando, Juan, Jean-Louis)

Background Stars vs. protostars (Claudia, Adwin)

Class 0/I (Jes, Tyler, Neal)

IRS Second-Look sources in these clouds (Bruno, Shih-ping, Jackie)



Monday July 11:

8:30                               Arrive, get room assigments, etc.

9:30                               Welcome and goals: Neal (5min)

9:35                               Welcome and logistics: Ewine and Martje Kruk (5min)


Morning (P):                IRAC/MIPS overview(Lee) + above talk on end goals

Catalogs, identifying sources incl. BDs (Shih-Ping)

Optical data (Comeron?)

Something else on Lupus (??)

(Ewine not available 10:45 am - 1:30 pm)


Afternoon (P):             IRS overview talk Ewine (30 min)

Modeling overview talk Kees Dullemond (30 min)



Afternoon (F):             IRS focussed discussion on data reduction issues by Fred (30 min) +

Adwin, followed by discussions


5:30Wine & Cheese



Tuesday July 12:


Morning (P):                SED analysis of sources Shih-Peng (20 min)

Bruno (20 min)

Jean-Charles (20 min)

Plenary discussion

more on Lupus (Lee to organize)


Morning (F):                IRS silicate spectra 10 vs 20 micr (Jackie) (20 min) + discussion


Afternoon (F):             IRS46 paper (Fred, Adwin)

work on papers


Afternoon (P):             Conclusions on Lupus + next steps (Lee)

Follow-up sources (Bruno)



Wednesday July 13 Chamaeleon II :


Morning: 9:30-11:00   IRAC results - Alicia (30 min)

Optical results - Juan (30 min)

IRS of TTau stars - Jackie ? (20 min)


Afternoon: 4:00-5:30  HH54 outflow

Candidates to sub-stellar objects and their IR properties

Possible circumstellar disks around very-low mass objects

Spectral energy distributions

Other emerging topics


Detailed agenda for Serpens (July 14-15)



Thursday July 14


Morning 9:30-11:30    IRAC results (Paul) 30 min

CFHT results (Jean-Louis) 20 min

Extinction modelling (Bruno) 20 min

Cross cutting topic - Brown Dwarfs (Jean-Louis) 20 min

Cross cutting topic - extinction in cores vs clouds? (Tracy) 20 min

Cross cutting topic - Separating background stars (Shi-ping)


Afternoon 4-5:30         IRS results, spectral mapping (Klaus) 30 min

Spectroscopy/imaging synergy (Vincent) 30 min



Friday, July 15


Morning 9:30-11:30    MIPS results (Bill) 30 min

Submm results (Melissa/Paul for Jason) 20 min

VV Ser modelling (Klaus/Vincent?) 20 min

SED Characterization (Shih Ping) 20 min

Cross cutting topic - separating galaxies (Shih Ping) 20 min

Cross cutting topic - outflows (Klaus?) 20 min

Cross cutting topic - clustering (Paul??) 20 min


Afternoon 4-5:30         Future Serpens follow-up proposals/observing


6:30BBQ at beach in Katwijk, Paviljoen Zeester


Weekend 1: Tour de c2d (Ewine starts with the yellow jersey)





Week 2 (July 18-22): IRS/Clouds (Lori and Geoff in charge of week)


Parallel work on IRS and Clouds


Focus Clouds


Monday/Tuesday, July 18 and 19                       Oph (Lori, Debbie organize)include Francois, Melissa for Kaisa,


Wednesday/Thursday, July 20 and 21Perseus (Jes, Karl, Joanna organize) include Francois


Friday, July 22                                                    Taurus GO (Debbie, and Taurus group)


Focus Mapping issues:                                      Basic Data papers on Clouds

Extinction in clouds vs cores (Nicholas, Tracy)


Cross-cutting:                                                     Extinction in clouds/cores (Nicholas, Tracy)

IRS focus issues:                                               Protostars vs Disks (Klaus, Adwin, Fred, Vincent, Jackie, Jean-Charles, Bruno)

Silicate (Jackie)

PAHs (Vincent)

Gas phase (Fred)

IRS Second-Look sources in these clouds (Bruno, Shih-ping)



Monday July 18 - Ophiuchus day 1


8:30                               Arrive, get room assigments, etc.

9:20                               Welcome and goals: Neal (5min)

9:25                               Welcome and logistics: Ewine (5min)


9:30-9:45                       IRAC/MIPS general overview (Lori? Paul?)

9:45-10:00                     IRS general overview (Geoff/Jackie/Adwin)

10:00-11:00                   Ophiuchus results from IRAC (Lori), and related issues/ancillary data/cross cuts:


Optical data -- Lucas


Cross-cutting issues:   Clustering (Lori), Brown dwarfs (??),

cloud structure (Tracy)


4-5:30                            IRS (Geoff will provide)


5:30Wine and Cheese



Tuesday July 19 - Ophiuchus day 2


9:30-11:00                     Ophiuchus results from MIPS (Debbie), and related issues/ancillary data/cross cuts:

Sub-mm data -- Neal

Summary of available mm data -- Lori


Cross-cutting issues:   identification and characterization of protostars (??)


4-5:30                            IRS (Geoff will provide)


Detailed Agenda for Perseus Focus Days: (from Karl)



Wednesday July 20 - Perseus Day 1


Morning 9:30-11:00    RAC results - Jes (30 minutes)

CFHT results - Francois (30 minutes)

Stellar rotation - Lucas (20 minutes)


Afternoon: 4:00-5:30  Cross-cutting topic: Outflow sources & structures

Other emerging topics


Thursday July 21 - Perseus Day 2


Morning: 9:30-11:30   MIPS results - Karl (30 minutes)

Submm results - Melissa (20 minutes)

SED characterization - Shih Ping (30 minutes)

IRS results in Perseus - Joanna (30 minutes)

including 2nd look source selection

Afternoon: 4:00-6:00  IRS focus issue: PAHs - Vincent (30 mins?)

Cross-cutting topic:      Extended emission

Perseus follow-up observing plans



Friday, July 22 : Taurus day (agenda needed by Debbie!)





Week 3 (July 25-29): Cores and Stars, and co-I meeting


Mon-Wed: Cores (Draft agenda from Phil, with some additions by Neal)


Monday, July 25

8:30                               Arrive, get room assigments, etc.

9:30                               Welcome and goals: Neal (5min)

9:35                               Welcome and logistics: Ewine (5min)


morning - Status review


Summary of Spitzer IRAC & MIPS observations and processing to date (what cores have been observed, how they have been processed, what problems have arisen, what remains to be done, expected schedule) [Tracy]


Summary as in #1 of ancillary observations and processing to date [Tyler] (Contributions from Mike Dunham (SHARC), Yancy (SCUBA, VLA), Jens (MAMBO))


Status of already identified papers and projects [Phil]


2-3 PM co-I Meeting


afternoon - Results review


Spitzer detections of new sources in cores [Tyler]


Extinction structure and reddening laws in cores [Tracy]


Deep Spitzer observations of selected cores [Lee, GO program]


Millimeter continuum observations of c2d cores [Jens] (include SCUBA, SHARC, consult with Neal, Mike)


CS and N2H+ observations of c2d cores [Tyler, Chris, or Phil]


CSO observations of lines in c2d cores [Neal and/or Mike]


Overlap Issues:A new Dust model with extinction/ices (Tracy/Klaus/Yancy)


5:30 Wine and Cheese



Tuesday, July 26


Reports on remarkable individual cores


morning1. L1014 [Tyler?]

2. L1521F [Tyler?]

3. L328 [Chang Won]

4. L483 [Jes]


afternoon 1. L723 [Alicia]

2. L673 group [Shi-ping]

3. L694-2 [Tracy, incl. ground-based obs]

4. L1148 [Jens]

5. IRAM04191 [Mike]



Wednesday, July 27


additional reports on remarkable cores


RS source selection in cores (Adwin, Tracy)


Planning discussions (Future Deliveries, GO proposals, Associated observations,

other papers)


Working on paper writeups


16:45  Boattrip plus island dinner buffet, departure from Warmond harbor strict at 17:00 hrs.



Thursday/Friday July 28 and 29: Stars (Debbie to organize)


Agenda for Stars: last two days of the meeting


03/23 received from Debbie


I presume that the last two days of the Leiden meeting will be devoted to WTTS. The people who should attend are myself, Karl, Dave, Lucas, Tim, Zahed (if possible),Jean-Charles, and Anneila. All others are welcome, of course It would be great to have an IRAC expert also. Here is an idea of what the agenda might cover. Of course, I would prefer to minimize the presentation part in favor of actually working toward finished papers. Since this comes so late, I presume that we will largely discuss our progress made during the Leiden meeting. I haven't discussed this agenda yet with the WTTS team, so the names are placeholders.



o WTTS Status Overview [Padgett]


- summary of Spitzer observations to date

- schedule for data processing and delivery to catalog database

- schedule for deliveries to SSC

- brief synopsis of interesting WTTS results thus far

- first paper submitted

- open issues

- source identification

- photometry techniques

- aperture corrections

- science planning

- modelling effort

- Spitzer/HST/JCMT followup

- plan for next six months

- discussion



o WTTS Database [Koerner leads]


- how you can access catalog products

- collected ancillary data

- cool tools (if any)- infrared excess search

- images

- observing status

- cautions- model photosphere fits

 - color corrections?

- team effort- report mistakes!

- literature searches on interesting objects!

- analysis of high-resolution spectra (SME program)

- discussion



o WTTS Stellar Age and Distance Determination [Cieza leads]


- Methods and results

- WTTS in the cloud maps

- initial paper

- discussion



o Modelling of dust excesses [Karl leads]


- confirming observations

- modified blackbody fitting methods

- other methods (radiative transfer; Wolf?)

- discussion



o Science Plan [Padgett leads]


- Review WTTS papers [All WTTSers with Science Results/Analysis]

- published/submitted

- in preparation

- future

- Obtain commitments and plans for critical path papers

- Any papers missing?

- Discussion



o WTTS Follow-up [Sargent leads]


- c2d IRS followup? MIPS-SED followup?

- Spitzer follow-up: GO proposal for additional MIPS data? IRS data?

- Millimeter/Submm Followup- JCMT (Augereau)


- Gas detection in young hot/warm disks:-high dispersion near-ir spectroscopy

-high dispersion mid-ir spectroscopy

- Companion detection in debris disk systems: SDI and coronographic techniques

- Resolved disk imaging: - HST and ground-based AO scattered light

- mid-infrared thermal emission

- etc

- Discussion




o Wrap-up and review action items and future schedule.


Our main onus is to show that all these negative detections are actually likely to be young stars associated with the clouds. I have already met with some skepticism on this account.





Geoff not available until after July 16

Paul partly busy July 11-13, not available after July 23

Debbie not available July 12-16

Lori not available July 13-16

Karl, no constraint

Phil can only come for one week