Lorentz Center - The multiscale nature of spark precursors and high altitude lightning from 9 May 2005 through 13 May 2005
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    The multiscale nature of spark precursors and high altitude lightning
    from 9 May 2005 through 13 May 2005

Program of Lorentz Center workshop on

Monday, May 9, 2005


09:00--09:50                 Registration, room and computer assignment, coffee

09:50--10:00                 Organizers


10:00--11:00                 D. Sentman

                                      The Diverse Phenomenology of Transient Luminous Events in the Upper Atmosphere

11:00--11:15                 Coffee

11:15--12:15                 Yu.P. Raizer, E.M. Bazelyan

                                      Leaders, Lightning, and Lightning Protection: Solved and Unsolved Problems

12:15--12:30                 U. Ebert

                                      A few remarks on the scales in streamers

12:40--13:30                 Lunch

13:30--15:00                 Introduction round for all participants:  background, interests, posters, preprints and reprints

                                      ~ 2 min./participant, printed overhead transparencies are recommended

15:00--17:00                 Poster session with coffee

                                      Posters will stay on display on the corridor between offices during the whole week to stimulate discussion

17:00--19:00                 Wine and cheese party



Tuesday, May 10, 2005


09:30--10:15                 T. Neubert

                                      Discharges observed in the high-altitude atmosphere over Europe

10:15--11:00                 V.P. Pasko

                                      Physical mechanisms of transient luminous events between thunderstorm tops and the lower ionosphere

11:00--11:15                 Coffee

11:15--12:00                 J.-P. Boeuf

                                      Filaments, streamers, and homogeneous plasma in dielectric barrier discharges

12:00--12:45                 M. Ben Amar

                                      A surprising free boundary problem: void electromigration

12:45--13:30                 Lunch

13:30--15:30                 Posters, topical discussions, e.g., on micro- and macroscopic physical mechanisms in streamers and sprites

15:30--16:00                 Coffee

16:00--16:30                 O. Chanrion

                                      Simulation of streamer propagation using a PIC-MCC code: Application to sprite discharges

16:30--17:00                 C. Montijn

                                      PDE simulations with adaptive grid refinement for negative streamers in nitrogen

17:00--17:30                 S. Pancheshnyi

                                      The role of electronegative gas admixtures in streamer start, propagation and branching phenomena

18:00--19:00                 50 min. sightseeing tour in open boat through the old inner city of Leiden, subsequent dinner in town is recommended, but not organized




Wednesday, May 11, 2005


09:30--10:15                 R. Roussel-Dupré

                                      Los Alamos Kinetic Boltzmann Calculations of Air Breakdown and its Application to the Lightning Discharge

10:15--11:00                 E. Gerken

                                      Observations of streamer and diffuse glow processes in sprites using a telescopic imager

11:00--11:30                 Coffee

11:30--12:00                 A. Bourdon

                                      Numerical modeling of filamentary dielectric barrier discharges in nitrogen taking metastable states into account

12:00--12:45                 A. Dorsey

                                      Fingering, fronts, and patterns in superconductors

12:45--13:30                 Lunch

13:30--15:30                 Posters, topical discussions, e.g., on continuous versus particle aspects in discharge modeling

15:30--16:00                 Coffee

16:00--16:30                 T. Briels

                                      Experimental investigation and nanosecond imaging of streamers

16:30--17:00                 M. Nudnova

                                      Numerical investigations of streamer discharge development

17:00--17:30                 B. Meulenbroek

                                      Streamer ionization fronts as moving boundaries: analytical results with conformal mapping methods

(18:00--20:30)               (possibility to join for dinner (18:00-19:30) and Ehrenfest Colloquium (19:30-20:30) of the physics faculty: P.B. Littlewood, Cambridge, Coherent Excitonic Matter)



Thursday, May 12, 2005


09:30--10:00                 H.-E. Wagner

                                      Cross-correlation spectroscopy applied to the diagnostics of filamentary plasmas

10:00--10:30                 G. Derks

                                      Stability of propagating ionization fronts

10:30--11:00                 Coffee

11:00--11:45                 E. Williams

                                      Polarity Asymmetry in Sprite Lightning: A Paradox

11:45--12:15                 G. Naidis

                                      Modeling of streamer breakdown of short non-uniform air gaps

12:15--12:45                 J. Paillol

                                      Numerical schemes for streamer discharges at atmospheric pressure

12:30--13:30                 Lunch

13:30--15:30                 Posters, topical discussions, e.g., on model reduction: from ionization fronts to dielectric breakdown models

15:30--16:00                 Coffee

16:00--16:30                 G. Milikh

                                      Runaway breakdown and its implications

16:30--17:15                 M. Füllekrug

                                      Remote sensing of lightning and sprites with radio waves

18:00--22:30                 Conference excursion and dinner: boat tour over the lakes north of Leiden - Dutch landscape in spring, dinner on board (sunset ~21:20).



Friday, May 13, 2005


09:30--10:15                 A. Starikovskii

                                      Applications of non-equilibrium plasma for plasma supported combustion

10:15--11:00                 E. Bazelyan, Yu.P. Raizer

                                      Upward Lightning and Counter-Leaders from High Structures and Attraction of Downward Lightning

11:00--11:30                 Coffee, returning keys

11:30--19:00                 Visit of the experimental facilities at the depts. of applied physics and electro-engineering of TU Eindhoven

                                      Bus will depart from the Lorentz Center at 11:30 and return at about 18:30 to 19:00, time in Eindhoven 13:00 - 17:00.