Lorentz Center - Arithmetic Geometry and High Energy Physics from 29 Aug 2005 through 2 Sep 2005
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    Arithmetic Geometry and High Energy Physics
    from 29 Aug 2005 through 2 Sep 2005

There are three different kinds of planned talks:

There are three different kinds of planned talks:


-                           one hour general audience lectures on Monday and Wednesday in the



-                           two hour research-survey talks that are in morning slots (9.30-12.00)

and have a break of 30 minutes in the middle


-                           one hour research talks


Furthermore, there is space for ad-hoc presentations by participants (e.g., after



Coffee/Tea can be had at any time at the common room



Monday 29 August


from 9.00                 Allocation of offices


11.10                       Welcome and important practical information


11.30-12.30            Matilde Marcolli (MPIM):

                                 Renormalization and motives


14.00-15.00            Robbert Dijkgraaf (UvA):

                                 Counting black holes


15.30-16.30            Anne Schilling (UCDavis):

                                 Rogers-Ramanujan identities in number theory, physics and beyond [general audience lecture]


17.00                       Cheese+Wine party



Tuesday 30 August


9.30-12.00              Andrew Waldron (UCDavis) and Boris Pioline (Jussieu):

                                 Automorphic forms and physics


14.00-15.00            Stefan Weinzierl (Mainz)

Twistor space and maximal-helicity-violating vertices



15.30-16.30            Noriko Yui (Queens):

                                 Motives and Mirror Symmetry



Wednesday. 31 August


9.30-12.00              Ettore Aldrovandi (FSU):

                                 Curves, holography, and the Liouville action


14.00-15.00            Kirill Krasnov (Nottingham):

                                 Holography and deformations of complex structures on Riemann surfaces


15.30-16.30            Pierre Cartier (IHES):

                                 Exotic symmetries [general audience lecture]


18.30                       Conference Dinner



Thursday 1 September


9.30-12.00              Alain Connes (College de France):

                                 Noncommutative geometry and physics


14.00-15.00            Dirk Kreimer (IHES):

                                 The motives in Dyson-Schwinger equations


15.30-16.30            Sven Moch (DESY):

                                 Symbolic summation and higher orders in perturbation theory



Friday 2 September


9.30-12.00              Terry Gannon (Alberta):

                                 Braids, Galois and conformal field theory


13.00-14.00            Eugene Ha (MPIM Bonn):

                                 Shimura varieties and quantum statistical mechanics


14.30-15.30            Don Zagier (MPIM and College de France):

                                 Algebraic K-theory, modular forms and quantum invariants