Lorentz Center - Dutch Molecular Electronics Workshop 2005 from 31 Mar 2005 through 31 Mar 2005
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    Dutch Molecular Electronics Workshop 2005
    from 31 Mar 2005 through 31 Mar 2005

Dutch Molecular Electronics Workshop 2005

Place: Gorlaeus Building, Zaal 1, for directions and maps, see:



10:00-10:30:         Coffee and Get-together


10:30-11:15:         Dr Jascha Repp (IBM Zurich)
STM of organic molecules on insulating NaCl surfaces



11:15-12:00:         Prof. André Gourdon (CEMES, Toulouse, France)
Molecular landers as prototypes of single molecular devices: Synthesis, Conformation, Conductance, Surface restructuring and Contact



12:00-12:45:         Dr. Maarten Wegewijs (Inst. für Theoretische Physik RWTH Aachen)
Vibration-assisted tunneling through single-molecules: competing orbitals & charge-induced vibrational frequency change


12:45-14:00:         Lunch-Posters


14:00-14:45:         Dr Albert Schenning (Eindhoven)
Towards supramolecular electronics


14:45-15:30:         Prof. Peter Bobbert (Eindhoven)
Charge transport in highly ordered and highly disordered organic-electronic materials


15:30-15:45:         Tea-Coffee Break


15:45-16:30:         Prof. Thom Palstra (Groningen)
Limitations in the mobility of organic crystals


16:30-17:15:         Prof. Jan van Ruitenbeek (Leiden)
Simple molecules as benchmark systems for molecular electronics



The poster session will take place immediately after lunch. Those who wish to present a poster are kindly requested to e-mail title and authors of the poster to Jeroen van den Brink (brink@lorentz.leidenuniv.nl).

In order to organize the lunch and coffee breaks, we need the number of participants. Therefore, please register on the website:


http://www.lc.leidenuniv.nl/lc/web/2005/20050331/registration.php3?wsid=157 not later than  Monday 21 March 2005