Lorentz Center - Extragalactic Herschel Open Time (ExtraHOT) meeting from 20 Oct 2005 through 21 Oct 2005
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    Extragalactic Herschel Open Time (ExtraHOT) meeting
    from 20 Oct 2005 through 21 Oct 2005

October 20


October 20


09:00 Registration, coffee etc..


09:30 Welcome, practical matters - Martje Kruk, Paul van der Werf


09:45 Steve Eales:

Introduction, purpose and organization of the meeting

09.50              Seb Oliver:

The SPIRE guaranteed-time programme -

10:00 Manfred Stickel:

The PACS guaranteed-time programme -

10.10 Round-table: inventory of survey plans and ideas

What are the questions we want to answer in open time?


10:30 coffee


11:00 Cedric Lacey:

What questions do the theorists want answered?

- galaxy evolution

11.15              Eelco van Kampen:

What questions do the theorists want answered?

- large-scale structure

11.30              Steve Serjeant:

Proto-proposal: follow-up of ASTRO-F and/or SASSy

11.45              Steve Eales:

Proto-proposal: Herschel survey of the SCUBA-2 extra-

galactic survey

12.0                 Gianfranco De Zotti:

Proto-proposal: A Herschel search for extreme lenses

12.10              Gianfranco De Zotti:

Proto-proposal: Gianfranco's second idea

12.20              Carsten Kramer:

Proto-proposal: A HIFI Open-Time Key Programme on

Nearby Galaxies


12:30 lunch


13:30 Proto-proposal: AGN in the High-Redshift Universe

13.40              Jon Davies:

Proto-proposal: Dust in the low-redshift universe

13.50           Manfred Stickel:

Proto-proposal: Dust in local ellipticals

14:00 Eric Bell:

Proto-proposal: Which processes drive the declining cosmic SFR

a PACS survey of deep redshift+24um fields

14.10 Dimitra Rigopoulou: Proto-proposal: FTS surveys


14.20 Discussion/organisation of topic teams


15.15 Teams begin to work separately on "strawman programs"


16:00 Alberto Franceschini: colloquium


19:00 workshop dinner in town


October 21


09:00 Review of progress so far, identify further work

09:30 Teams continue to work on 'strawman programs'


10:30 coffee


11:00 Presentation of programs + discussion

Do the programs answer the crucial questions?


12:30 lunch


13:30 Further work if necessary


16.00 end of meeting