Lorentz Center - The study of Near-IR selected high redshift galaxies from 31 Oct 2005 through 4 Nov 2005
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    The study of Near-IR selected high redshift galaxies
    from 31 Oct 2005 through 4 Nov 2005




10:00              Hessing/Kruk: Welcome


10:15              Franx: Aim of the meeting


10:30              Toft: Morphologies of DRGs in MS1054


11:00              Break


11:15              Kriek: Near-infrared spectroscopy of z~2.5 galaxies


11:45              Labbe: Irac photometry




14:00              Moorwood: an overview of future ESO instruments


14:30              van der Werf: TBD


17:00              Wine and Cheese at the Lorentz Center





10:00              Forster   Sinfoni results


10:30              Pasquali: Harvesting GRAPES


11:00              Break


11:15              Wuyts: update on optical spectroscopic follow-up on DRGs




14:00              Huang: Irac, Spitzer, life, the universe and everything else


14:30              Webb: Star formation in Distant Red Galaxies: Spitzer observations of the Hubble Deep Field South





9:30                Zheng: GALEX+MIPS stacking of massive redsequence galaxies at z<1


10:00              Papovich: Spitzer Observations of High Redshift Massive Galaxies and AGN


10:30              Coffee


11:00              Quadri: Clustering of Kselected galaxies in the deep MUSYC fields


11:30              Taylor: the evolution of massive galaxies at high redshift


12:00              Rudnick: The Evolution of All the Stars in Luminous Galaxies from z=3 to now


14:00              Rix: What we've learned about massive galaxies from COMBO17/GEMS


14:30              Overzier: Galaxy overdensities at high redshift


15:00              Tea


15:30              van Dokkum: properties of massive galaxies at z=23


18:30              Dinner in Leiden





9:30                Wuyts: Spitzer/IRAC observations of the Hubble Deep Field South


10:00              Trujillo: More thoughts on sizes


10:30              Coffee


11:00              Franx: photometric masses and dynamical masses from restframe NearIR


11:30              Marchesini: Luminosity functions at z=13 from Musyc


12:00              Knudsen: Submillimeter observations of distant red galaxies: Uncovering the 1mJy  850um-population


14:00              Open questions discussion



Friday:       Follow-up sessions to be determined during the meeting


except for

10:00              Labbe: Very deep NearIR photometry of UDF


17:00              End !