Lorentz Center - The Molecular Universe from 7 Dec 2005 through 9 Dec 2005
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    The Molecular Universe
    from 7 Dec 2005 through 9 Dec 2005

Molecular Universe

The Molecular Universe is a highly interdisciplinary network of European  researchers in 21 institutes in 9 countries studying the physics and  chemistry of molecules in space. The network combines experts in the areas  of laboratory spectroscopy. laboratory astrochemistry, molecular quantum  mechanical studies, and astronomical modelling of species of astrophysical  relevance. This consortium has been selected under the European Community's Sixth Framework Program as a Marie Curie Research Training  Network. The network contract was concluded between the European Commission and the consortium on October 1st, 2004 with duration of 48 months.


The network meeting is meant to provide a forum for discussions on the scientific goals of the network. These comprise topics in Molecular Complexity in Space and The Chemistry in Regions of Star Formation. Besides an assessment of the progress on the scientific objectives of the network, the network meeting also provides an opportunity to coordinate the activities of the different working areas and to chart the future. In addition, we will discuss managerial, organizational, and financial aspects of the network. The graduate students and postdocs appointed in the network will have a splinter meeting during this workshop to discuss their own science goals and develop collaborations among themselves.