Lorentz Center - Quantum Criticality from 7 Aug 2006 through 18 Aug 2006
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    Quantum Criticality
    from 7 Aug 2006 through 18 Aug 2006


E. Altman

Hidden topological order in one-dimensional Bose Insulators


D. Belitz

Quantum Phase Transitions and Exotic Phases in the Metallic Helimagnet MnSi


J. Betouras

Charge degrees of freedom on frustrated lattices


V. Dobrosavljevic

Non-Ohmic dissipation in metallic Griffiths phases


M. Garst

Universal 1D Coulomb drag at commensurate-incommensurate QPT


P. Gegenwart

Experimental Tutorial on Quantum Criticality


Y.B. Kim

Nonequilibrium Quantum Criticality in Itinerant Electron Systems


F. Krüger

Frustrated Antiferromagnetism - Fluctuation induced first order versus deconfined quantum criticality


D.V. Khveshchenko

Dissipative phase transition in two-dimensional d-wave Josephson junctions


R. Moessner

Tutorial on frustrated magnetism


R. Moessner

Electron interactions in graphene in a strong magnetic field


C. Morais Smith

Bosonization approach for bilayer quantum Hall systems


O. Motrunich

Orbital magnetic field effects in spin liquid with spinon Fermi sea: Possible application to -(ET)2Cu2(CN)3


J. Mydosh

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems: Hidden Order and Novel Phases


C. Pfeiderer

Crossover or stable phase? New Experiments in MnSi


A. Polkovnikov

Phase Diagram of One-Dimensional Bosons in Disordered Potential


A. Pruisken

ϑ angle, e-e interactions & super universality of the quantum Hall effect


A. Schofield

A Theory Tutorial for Leiden Workshop 2006


K. Shtengel

Spinless Fermions on a Checkerboard Lattice


H. van Löhneysen

Role of tuning parameters in magnetic quantum phase transitions


C. Varma

Symmetry breaking in the Pseudogap state and Fluctuations about it


A. Vishwanath

Theory of the Helical Spin Crystal – A Proposal for the ‘Partially Ordered’ State of MnSi


J. Zaanen

Fermionic quantum criticality and the fractal nodal surface