Lorentz Center - Fine-Tuning Stellar Population Models from 26 Jun 2006 through 30 Jun 2006
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    Fine-Tuning Stellar Population Models
    from 26 Jun 2006 through 30 Jun 2006

Monday, June 26

Monday, June 26


9.00-9.45                Registration

9.45-10.00              Trager/Peletier: Welcome & overview of workshop

Overview of stellar population models, methods, and uncertainties (Chair: P. van der Kruit)

10.00-10.25            Gustavo Bruzual: Using current population synthesis models to their limits

10.25-10.50            Maurizio Salaris: Techniques to constrain the SFH of unresolved stellar systems

10.50-11.15            Achim Weiss: Fine-tuning stellar models: steps towards calibrated calculations

11.15-11.45            Coffee Break

11.45-12.10            Leo Girardi: Updating the Padova database of tracks and isochrones

12.10-12.35            Santi Cassisi: Current uncertainties in low- and intermediate mass stars models

12.35-14.00            Lunch

14.00-15.30            Discussion groups, small presentations, work groups: TBD

15.30-15.55            Alberto Buzzoni: Asterisms vs. stellar systems: theory and diagnostic for undersampled stellar populations

15.55-17.00            Summary of discussion groups: S. Charlot/I. Ferreras

17.00-                      Wine & Cheese party



Tuesday, June 27


Resolved and unresolved stellar populations in the low-z Universe (Chair: R. Peletier)

9.00-9.25                Antonio Aparicio: Resolved stellar populations: lessons for stellar population modelling

9.25-9.50                Sukyoung Yi: Ultimate Test of Simple Population Models on Globular Clusters

9.50-10.15              Jay Strader: Chemical Abundances of M31 GCs: Results from Spectral Synthesis

10.15-10.45            Coffee Break

10.45-11.10            Javier Cenarro: Extragalactic globular clusters: new clues to constrain stellar population models

11.10-11.35            Harald Kuntschner: Stellar populations of E/S0s as seen with SAURON

11.35-12.00            Ignacio Ferreras: Population synthesis, PCA and the star formation history of galaxies

12.00-12.25            Jesus Falcon-Barroso: SAURON bulges

12.30-14.00            Lunch   

14.00-17.00            Discussion groups, small presentations, work groups: TBD

17.00-18.00            Summary of discussion groups: U. Fritze/P. Prugniel



Wednesday, June 28


Low-z Universe, cntd. (Chair: D. Silva)

9.00-9.25                Patricia Sanchez-Blazquez: Environmental effects on early-type galaxies

9.25-9.50                Russell Smith: Stellar Populations on the Red Sequence in Clusters

9.50-10.15              Genevieve Graves: Ages and Abundances of Red Sequence Galaxies with LINER-like Emission

10.15-10.45            Coffee Break

10.45-11.10            Alessandro Bressan: Early type galaxies in the mid infrared: a Spitzer IRS census in Virgo cluster

Stellar populations of intermediate- and high-z galaxies (Chair: D. Silva)

11.10-11.35            Claudia Maraston: The effect of the TP-AGB on (high-z) galaxy ages and masses

11.35-12.00            Roberto Saglia: The evolution of early-type galaxies from the ESO Distant Cluster Survey EDISCS

12.00-12.25            Daniel Kelson: Evolution of early-type cluster galaxies since z=0.8

12.30-14.00            Lunch

14.00-                      Free afternoon: excursion

19.00-                      Dinner on the beach, Katwijk



Thursday, June 29


New ingredients for stellar population models (Chair: A. Sansom)

9.00-9.25                Daniel Thomas: Stellar population models with variable abundance ratios

9.25-9.50                Alexandre Vazdekis: Spectral synthesis at moderately high resolution

9.50-10.15              Ricardo Schiavon: Population Synthesis in the Blue

10.15-10.45            Coffee Break

10.45-11.10            Ruth Peterson: Stellar population models from first principles

11.10-11.35            Paula Coelho: High-resolution spectral modeling with variable metal abundance ratios

11.35-12.00            David Silva: Next Generation Spectral Library: Status Report

12.00-12.25            Reynier Peletier: New opportunities for stellar population modeling using MILES

12.30-14.00            Lunch

14.00-16.00            Discussion groups, small presentations, work groups: TBD

16.00-17.00            Gustavo Bruzual: Leiden Observatory Colloquium

17.15-18.15            Summary of discussion groups: J. Rose/B. Gibson



Friday, June 30


New ingredients, cntd. (Chair: B. Gibson)

9.00-9.25                Esther Marmol-Queralto: Stellar libraries in the K band: a tool for the study of stellar populations

9.25-9.50                Claus Leitherer: Theoretical versus Observational Spectral Libraries in Population Synthesis

9.50-10.15              Pierre Ocvirk: Reliability of star formation history reconstructions of galaxies from their integrated light spectra

10.15-10.45            Coffee Break

Future models: needs, desires, and feasibilities (Chair: B. Gibson)

10.45-11.10            Ben Panter: Using MOPED to determine the effects of different Stellar Population models on recovered Star Formation History

11.10-11.35            Philippe Prugniel: Stellar populations and the VO (TBD)

11.35-12.00            Scott Trager: The needs and desires of future stellar population models

12.00-14.00            Lunch

14.00-15.30            Discussion groups: Leaders: G. Worthey/M. Mouhcine

15.30-16.30            Sandra Faber: Workshop summary and prospectives