Lorentz Center - Limit problems in Analysis from 1 May 2006 through 5 May 2006
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    Limit problems in Analysis
    from 1 May 2006 through 5 May 2006

Program Limit Problems in Analysis

Program Limit Problems in Analysis

In order to be able to have some time in the schedule for work, collaboration and discussion, the time slots are for 30 minutes plus 5 minutes’ question time.


Monday 1 May

09:00-09:40: Arrival and coffee

09:40-09:50: Opening


09:50-10:25: Sigurd Angenent
Selfsimilar solutions and nonuniqueness in mean curvature flow

10:50-11:25: Theodore Kolokolnikov
Self-replication of mesas in reaction-diffusion systems

11:25-12:00: Lorenzo Giacomelli
A non-local degenerate parabolic system arising from higher-order plasticity


15:00-15:35: Matthias Kurzke
Boundary vortices in thin magnetic films

16:00-16:35: Stephen Gustafson

                        Landau-Lifshitz (Schroedinger map) dynamics near the harmonic map energy

16:35-17:10: Arjen Doelman
Semi-strong pulse dynamics

17:15:             Reception



Tuesday 2 May

09:15-09:50: John King
Asymptotic behaviour in fast diffusion

09:50-10:25: Giles Richardson
Time dependent modelling and asymptotic analysis of electrochemical cells

10:50-11:25: Jan Bouwe van den Berg
Blowup and its (in)stability in the harmonic map heat flow

11:25-12:00: Vivi Rottschäfer
Blowup solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau equation


15:00-15:35: Yueh Ko
Steady rotational water waves near stagnation

16:00-16:35: Peter Topping
Ricci flows with unusual asymptotics

16:35-17:10: Didier Smets
Critical points of the Kirchhoff-Onsager functional and motion of Ginzburg-Landau vortices



Wednesday 3 May

09:15-09:50: Michael Ward
The Stability of Localized Stripes and Spots for Reaction-Diffusion Systems

09:50-10:25: Jon Chapman

             Bound states of localised structures and snaking bifurcation diagrams

 10:50-11:25: Giandomenico Orlandi

                        Variational convergence of the Ginzburg-Landau energy in various

critical regimes and applications

11:25-12:00: Maria Reznikoff
Interface problems arising in the study of rare events


19:00:             Workshop dinner


Thursday 4 May

09:15-09:50: Tasso Kaper

                        Logarithms, fractional powers, and geometric desingularization

09:50-10:25: Pascal Noble
On the linear stability of viscous roll-waves

10:50-11:25: Hans Knüpfer
Regularity and algebraic convergence for a thin film equation

11:25-12:00: Jens Rademacher
Macroscopic limits of atomic chains and modulated wave trains


15:00-15:35: Matthias Röger
Partial Localization, Lipid Bilayers, and the Elastica Functional

16:00-16:35: Antonios Zagaris
Dimension reduction algorithms: recent advances and future challenges

16:35-17:10: Govind Menon
Infinite divisibility and degenerate selection problems


Friday 5 May

09:15-09:50: Juncheng Wei
The Toda system and clustering interfaces in the Allen-Cahn equation

09:50-10:25:  Dejan Slepcev
Coarsening in thin liquid films

10:50-11:25: David Lloyd
Nucleation of 2D localised patterns

11:25-12:00: Daniel Spirn
Vortices in dispersive Ginzburg-Landau equations


15:00-15:35: Hartmut Schwetlick
Dynamical models of phase transitions - Travelling waves for FPU lattices

16:00-16:35: Mark Peletier
Cylinder Buckling: a perturbation-sensitive system





Monday 1 May

Tuesday 2 May

Wednesday 3 May

Thursday 4 May

Friday 5 May




John King

Michael Ward

Tasso Kaper

Juncheng Wei



Sigurd Angenent

Giles Richardson

Jon Chapman

Pascal Noble

Dejan Slepcev






Theodore Kolokolnikov

Jan Bouwe van den Berg

Giandomenico Orlandi

Hans Knüpfer

David Lloyd



Lorenzo Giacomelli

Vivi Rottschäfer

Maria Reznikoff

Jens Rademacher

Daniel Spirn



Time for discussion





Matthias Kurzke

Yueh Ko


Matthias Röger

Hartmut Schwetlick






Stephen Gustafson

Peter Topping


Antonios Zagaris

Mark Peletier



Arjen Doelman

Didier Smets


Govind Menon