Lorentz Center - Computational and topological aspects of dynamics from 15 May 2006 through 19 May 2006
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    Computational and topological aspects of dynamics
    from 15 May 2006 through 19 May 2006

Monday 15 May

Monday 15 May


10:00-11:05:           Arrival and coffee

11:05-11:15:           Opening

11:15-12:00:           Robert Ghrist
Topological Fluid Flows and Periodic Orbits

15:00-15:45:           Sarah Day
Validity of homology computations for nodal domains

16:15-17:00:           Pietro Majer
A Morse complex for Lorentz geodesics

17:05:                      Wine & Cheese



Tuesday 16 May


10:00-10:45:           Octav Cornea
From Morse-Smale flows to measures of Lagrangian submanifolds

11:15-12:00:           Konstantin Mischaikow
Topological approach to fast-slow systems

15:00-15:45:           Federica Pasquotto
Closed characteristics on non-compact energy surfaces

16:15-17:00:           Jeroen Lamb
Substitution tilings and renormalization of domain exchange transformations



Wednesday 17 May


10:00-10:45:           Jean-Philippe Lessard
Getting rigorous skeletons of equilibria of PDEs using path-following techniques

11:15-12:00:           Oliver Junge
Rigorous numerics for infinite dimensional maps

15:00-15:45:           Toby Hall
The decoration conjecture for horseshoe braids

16:15-17:00:           Boris Buffoni
Stability of solitary water waves obtained by minimization

19:00:                      Workshop dinner



Thursday 16 May


10:00-10:45:           Bob Rink
Some bifurcations of traveling waves in Hamiltonian lattices

11:15-12:00:           Philip Boyland
Fluid Mixing and Dynamical Semiconjugacies

15:00-15:45:           Bill Kalies
Computational dynamics via the Conley index

16:15-17:00:           Jean-Luc Thiffault
Computing the Topological Entropy of Braids, Fast


Friday 16 May


10:00-10:45:           Zin Arai
An algorithm for Hyperbolicity Verification and its Application

11:15-12:00:           Felix Schlenk
Positive topological entropy for Reeb flows

15:00-15:45:           Hyunju Ban
A computational approach to Conley's decomposition theorem

16:15-17:00:           Sigurd Angenent
Intersecting geodesics and topological entropy of the geodesic flow in Finsler surfaces