Lorentz Center - Gravitational Lensing from 31 Jul 2006 through 4 Aug 2006
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    Gravitational Lensing
    from 31 Jul 2006 through 4 Aug 2006


Mornings will be devoted to talks; in the afternoons there is time to work on the questions to be defined on day 1.


Roger has suggested the following questions as issues we can work on. We will discuss these on Monday, and refine them into topics to study during the week.


  1. Have we discovered dark matter substructure and does it confirm numerical



  1. How well can strong lenses measure the Hubble constant?


  1. What are the practical limitations to using weak lensing to studying dark



  1. Do we really understand clusters well enough to use them for cosmological



  1. Can we use microlensing to learn about quasar accretion disks?



The schedule for the talks is as follows:


Monday 31st July                  PERSPECTIVES


09:45               Kuijken/Kruk Welcome


10:00               Mellier            Lensing, the next 30 years


11:00               coffee


11:30               Blandford       Lensing, the next 5 days


13:00               lunch


17:00               Wine-and-cheese party at the Lorentz Center



Tuesday 1st August              COSMOGRAPHY I


09:00               Hu                   CMB and Lensing

10:00               Schaefer        Gravitational Faraday rotation of the CMB

10:20               Carbone         CMB lensing all-sky maps via the DM distribution of the

                                                Millennium Simulation

10:40               coffee


11:00               Hoekstra        Cosmic Shear

12:00               HetterscheidtCosmic shear analysis of the Garching-Bonn Deep Survey

12:20               Schrabback   Cosmic shear analysis of archival HST/ACS data:

                                                comparison of early parallel data to the GEMS survey


13:00               lunch



Wednesday 2nd August       COSMOGRAPHY II


09:00               Bernstein       Weak lensing techniques

10:00               Berge             Shapelets analysis of weak lensing surveys

10:20               Goldberg       Weak gravitational flexion


10:40               coffee


11:00               Jain                 Planning lensing surveys: forecasts and analysis


12:00               Kilbinger        Third-order statistics of cosmic shear

12:20               Fassnacht      Do gravitational lenses live along overdense lines of sight?

12:40               Momcheva     The environments of strong gravitational lenses


13:00               lunch




19:00               workshop dinner in "De Poort van Leiden"




Thursday 3rd August            NATURE OF DARK MATTER


09:00               Schechter      Halo substructure and lensing; microlensing part I

10:00               Courbin          COSMOGRAIL: First results and status report

10:20               Coles              The Hubble time inferred from 10 time-delay lenses


10:40               coffee


11:00               Kochanek      Microlensing part II

12:00               Mittal              Discordant image flux-density ratios in lens JVAS


12:20               Marshall         Automated searching for lenses in high resolution images


13:00               lunch



Friday 4th August                  CLUSTERS AND GRAVITATIONAL TELESCOPES


09:00               Treu                Cluster lensing

10:00               Berciano        Lensed radio/submm emission behind cluster


10:20               Cypriano        The dynamical state of massive galaxy clusters


10:40               coffee


11:00               Moeller           Strong lens statistics in large surveys

11:20               Suyu               Bayesian analysis of regularized source inversion

11:40               Bradac            Hot, massive, and awfully complicated: Merging cluster

                                                1E0657-56 is a real Golden Lens

12:00               Barnabe         Joint lensing and stellar dynamics analysis of early-type


13:00               lunch


14:30                                       Report on progress