Lorentz Center - Geometric and Multiscale Methods for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics from 2 Oct 2006 through 6 Oct 2006
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    Geometric and Multiscale Methods for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
    from 2 Oct 2006 through 6 Oct 2006

Preliminary Program

Monday, October 2


 9:45-10:00      Opening


10:00-10:50     Peter Lynch (University College Dublin)

The Energy Spectrum of the Atmosphere


10:50-11:30     Coffee/tea


11:30-12:05     John Norbury (Oxford)

                        Most likely solutions subject to geostrophic constraints


12:15-14:00     Lunch at nearby Hotel ‘Het Witte Huis 


14:00-15:00     Discussions/collaborations


15:00-15:15     Coffee/tea


15:15-15:50     Djoko Wirosoetisno (Durham)

            Exponential-order approximation to the primitive equations

16:00-16:50     Daan Crommelin (CWI)

                        Reconstrcution of Effective Stochastic Dynamics from Data


17:00               Wine & Cheese Party (Common Room - Lorentz Center)



Tuesday, October 3


9:30-10:20      Glenn Shutts (UK Met) 

Upscale influences and large-scale control of

tropical convection


10:30-11:05     Marcel Oliver (I.U. Bremen)

                        Transparent boundary conditions as dissipative sub grid

                        closures for the spectral representation of scalar advection

                        (joint with Olivier Buhler)


11:05-11:45     Coffee/tea


11:45-12:20     Wim Verkley (KNMI)

Global quasi-geostrophic theory


12:30-13:30     Lunch at nearby Hotel ‘Het Witte Huis


13:30-15:00     Discussion/collaborations


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea


15:30-17:00     Discussion/collaborations


Wednesday, October 4


9:30-10:20      Henk Dijkstra (Utrecht)

Continuation methods for ocean circulation models

10:30-11:05     Mike Cullen (UK Met)

Convergence of numerical solutions of the compressible

Navier-Stokes equations to asymptotic limit solutions


11:15-11:45     Coffee/tea


11:45-12:20     Sebastian Reich (Potsdam)

Slow manifolds and regularized fluid equations for numerical

Weather prediction    


12:30-13:30     Lunch at Gorlaeus Cantine (on the campus)


13:30-15:00     Discussion/collaborations


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea


15:30-16:00     Discussion/collaborations


16:00-16:35     Sylvain Delahaies (Surrey)

Multisymplectic formulation of near-local balanced models

16:40-17:15    Colin Cotter (Imperial)

Multisymplectic formulations of fluid dynamics using the

                        inverse map                 

17:20-18:05     Georg Gottwald (Sydney)

Long-time accuracy for approximate slow manifolds

in a finite dimensional model of balance


19.00               Conference Dinner at Poort van Leyden restaurant, Leiden town centre



Thursday, October 5


 9:30-10:20      Leo Maas (NIOZ)

Wave Attractors

10:30-11:05     Oliver Bühler (Courant)

The likely shape of large waves


11:15-11:45     Coffee/tea


11:45-12:20     Vladimir Zeitlin (ENS Paris) 

Structure preserving truncations of Euler and Navier-

Stokes equations on the sphere and on the torus


12:30-13:30     Lunch


13:30-15:00     Discussion/collaborations


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea


15:30-17:00     Discussion/collaborations


20:00               Tour in the old Observatory ”the Sterrewacht” in Leiden town center.

                        Sander de Kievit: Powers of Ten



Friday, October 6


 9:30-10:20      Tom Bridges (Surrey)

Criticality in shallow water hydrodynamics

10:30-11:05     Svetlana Dubinkina (CWI)

A fully Lagrangian constrained hydrostatic method for atmospheric flows


11:15-11:45     Coffee/tea


11:45-12:20     Jacques Vanneste (Edinburgh)

Fast-wave radiation in a toy model


12:30-13:30     Lunch


13:30-14:05     Onno Bokhove (U. Twente) 

On two-dimensional vortical flow with separatrices

14:15-14:50     Jason Frank (CWI) 

Wave action conservation by multisymplectic integrators


15:00-15:30     Coffee/tea


15:30-18:00     Discussion/collaborations