Lorentz Center - Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art from 11 Sep 2006 through 15 Sep 2006
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    Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art
    from 11 Sep 2006 through 15 Sep 2006

Monday September 11

Preliminary Program



Monday September 11


09.00-10.00    Registration


10.00                Opening of the workshop by Mrs. Martje Kruk, manager of the Lorentz Center, and the organizers.


10.30-11.15    Two workshops in parallel sessions


11.30-12.15    Two workshops in parallel sessions.


Workshop 1:    Huseyin Sen and Wilfred de Graaf (Utrecht, NL), 'Escher and Islamic tilings'


Workshop 2:    Mark Roelands, Daan van Well (Leiden, NL), Behrooz Zabihian (Tehran, Iran), 'Penrose-tilings'


12.15                Lunch.


14.00-15.00    Robert Hillenbrand (Edinburgh, UK), 'The role of geometry in Islamic art and architecture'


15.15-16.15    Yvonne Dold-Samplonius, Silvia Harmsen (Heidelberg, Germany), 'Muqarnas, Cultural Heritage and Mathematical Challenge'


16.30                Official opening of the exhibition on tilings by Mr. Ata Mesbah, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the I.R. Iran in the Netherlands.


                          Brief introductions of the artists: Elviera Wersche (Nuenen, NL), Coskun Celik (Esch, NL), Behrooz Zabihian (Tehran, Iran), Farnoosh Mortazavi (Tehran, Iran), Nina Mortazavi (Tehran, Iran), Sogol Nayeri (Tehran, Iran).


17.00                Get-together with tea, soft drinks and sweets.



Tuesday, September 12


09.15-10.00    Luit Mols (Den Haag, NL), 'Star Patterns on Mamluk metalwork found in Cairo: form and context'


10.00-10.45    Eric Broug (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, UK), 'Geometrical design from the Late Mamluk Period in Cairo: Some Observations'


10.45-11.15    coffee & tea brek


11.15-12:00    Ali Rejali (Isfahan, Iran): 'The House of Mathematics in Isfahan, and its activities in history of mathematics and art'


12.00                Lunch.


14.30-15.00    Behnaz Hashemipour (Isfahan, Iran), 'Pentagons in the Islamic Art of Isfahan'


15.00-15.30    coffee & tea break


15.30-16.30    Frans Oort (Utrecht, NL), 'All Penrose tilings'


16.30                departure to boat


17.00-21.00    Boat trip for registered participants of the workshop.




Wednesday, September 13


09.15-10.00    Carol Bier (Berkeley, USA): 'Geometry and Algorithms in Islamic Textiles and Carpets'


10.00-10.45    Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood (Leiden, NL), 'Geometric Cut and Design of Saudi Arabian dresses'


10.45-11.15    coffee & tea break


11.15-12.00    Arnoud Vrolijk (Leiden, NL): 'Geometric Patterns on Islamic Bookbindings'


12.00                Lunch


14.00-14.45    Jeanine Daems (Leiden, NL) 'Group theory and Islamic tilings'


14.45-15.05    coffee & tea break


15.05-16.20    Mahmud Maheronnaqsh (Tehran) Workshop: 'Designing and execution of patterns in Persian tilings'


19.00                Special Iranian Reception for invited participants




Thursday September 14


09.15-10.00    Ahmed Montazer (Isfahan, Iran), 'Geometrical Drawing of Shahgere (knot in knot)'


10:00-11:00    Jay Bonner (Santa Fe, NM, USA), Three Traditions of Self-Similarity in Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Islamic Geometric Ornament


11.00-11.30    coffee & tea break


11.30-12.00    Akbar Zamani (Isfahan, Iran), 'Using mosaic Patterns in Mathematics Education'


12.00                Lunch


14.30-15.15    J. Lennart Berggren (Burnaby, B.C., Canada), 'Artistic Problems in Islamic Geometry: Abu al-Wafa' al-Buzjani and his treatise on geometry for the artisan'


15.15-15.45    coffee & tea break


15.45-16.30    Lynn Bodner (West Long Branch, NJ, USA), 'Constructing Remarkable Pentagonal Star Polygon Designs'


Evening:           Possibility to attend three lectures in the inner city of Leiden on mathematics and Indian poetry and music




Friday September 15


09.30-10.30    Jay Bonner (Santa Fe, NM, USA), The Polygonal Technique: An exposition of the primary historic method of constructing Islamic Geometric Patterns


10.30-11.00    coffee & tea break


11.00-12.00    Aldine Aaten (Leiden, NL), Jasper Lukkezen (Leiden, NL), Jeanine Daems (Leiden, NL), workshop on non-periodic patterns with sevenfold and ninefold rotational symmetry.


12.00                Lunch


14.00-15.00    t.b.a.


15.15-16.15    Conclusion and discussion on the follow-up conference in Isfahan in August 2007.