Lorentz Center - Perspectives on Scientific Practice from Science and the Science Studies from 27 Nov 2006 through 1 Dec 2006
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    Perspectives on Scientific Practice from Science and the Science Studies
    from 27 Nov 2006 through 1 Dec 2006

Monday November 27

Monday November 27


09.00-10.00     Registration


                           Official Opening of the workshop

10.00-10.10     Wim van Saarloos, Director of the Lorentz Center

10.10-10.20     Wim Blockmans, Rector of the NIAS

10.20-10.30     Theo Mulder, Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

10.30-10.40     Frans Saris – Dean of the Faculty of Science

10.40-10.45     Henriette Jensenius, Science Coordinator Lorentz Center

10.45-11.55     James McAllister – Introduction to the Workshop

10.55-11.00     Martje Kruk, Manager of the Lorentz Center – Practical Matters

11.00-11.30     coffee & tea


Session 1: Objectivity

11.30-12.30     Hans Radder Nonlocal patterns and nonlocal meanings in the development of the sciences

12.30-14.00     lunch

14.00-15.00     Noretta Koertge Popperian Objectivity in the Age of Postmodernism

15.00-15.30     coffee & tea

15.30-16.30     Jan Golinski Objectivity as a Social Virtue

16.30-18.00     wine & cheese welcome party



Tuesday November 28


Session 2: Credibility

09.30-10.30     Theodore Porter The Credibility of Scientists

10.30-11.00     coffee & tea

11.00-12.00     Peter Nijkamp Ceteris Paribus, Spatial Complexity and Spatial Equilibrium

12.30-13.00     lunch at the This Week’s Discoveries – Aula of the Oort Building

13.00-13.40     This Week’s Discoveries – with a short Lecture of David Healy

14.00-15.00     Annemarie Mol Reality in Practice

15.00-15.15     coffee & tea

15.15-16.15     Frans Saris Evolution of Science

16.15-16.30     coffee & tea

16.30-17.30     David Healy On the Interaction between Evidence, Medicine & Commerce



Wednesday November 29


Session 3: Interaction between Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities

09.15-10.00     Wim Blockmans Open Minds and Cutting Edges

10.00-10.30     coffee & tea

10.30-11.30     Wiel Hoekstra Bridge over Troubled Water

11.30-12.30     James McAllister Ways of Knowing

12.30-14.00     lunch

14.00-15.00     working groups / discussion

15.00-15.30     departure to boat

15.30-20.00     boat trip in the Lake District of Leiden – dinner on board         



Thursday November 30


Session 4: Communication

09.30-10.30     Vincent Icke Science and Greasepaint

10.30-11.00     coffee & tea

11.00-12.00     John Durant Models and Mechanisms of Science Communication

12.00-13.30     lunch

13.30-14.30     Thomas Söderqvist Public Engagement with Invisible Bodies: The Recent Biomedical Challenge to Medical Museums

14.30-15.00     coffee & tea

15.00-16.00     Jim Bennet Communication and Diversity in Scientific Culture: What Do Galleries Offer?

17.00-17.15     Opening Public Lecture in the Kamerlingh Onnes Building – Steenschuur 25 by prof. dr. F.W. Saris – Dean of the Faculty of Science

17.15-18.00     Public Lecture John Durant Public Engagement with Research: the Real Challenge for the 21st Century

18.00-18.15     discussion

18.15-19.00     closing drinks



Friday December 1


Session 5: Autonomy

09.30-10.30     Huub de Groot

                           An Illustrated View on the Essential Truths of a Science Discipline: Scientific Practice in Chemistry

10.30-11.00     coffee & tea

11.00-12.00     Alexander Rosenberg Disciplinary Autonomy: Epistemic, Methodological, or Metaphysical

12.00-14.00     lunch

14.00-15.00     Diedel Kornet Autonomy and Cohesion of the Sciences – the case of biology from a foundations of science perspectives

15.00-15.30     coffee & tea

15.30-16.30     Johan Bolhuis Evolution and mechanism in the study of brain and cognition