Lorentz Center - Fuel Cell Catalysis: a surface science approach from 16 Oct 2006 through 20 Oct 2006
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    Fuel Cell Catalysis: a surface science approach
    from 16 Oct 2006 through 20 Oct 2006

Provisional Programma plus speakers still to invite

Monday 16 October


08:30-09:00       Registration

09:00-09:10       Welcome and Opening, Martje Kruk (Lorentz Center) and Marc Koper (Leiden)

Opening lecture

09:10-09:50       Hubert Gasteiger (General Motors), Catalyst Kinetics and Materials Degradation in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

Morning Session on Theory of electron transfer and solvent effects

Chair: Marc Koper (Leiden)

09:50-10:30       Wolfgang Schmickler (Ulm), Models of electron, ion and proton transfer including bond breaking

10:30-10:50       Coffee and tea break

10:50-11:20       Michiel Sprik (Cambridge), Density functional modeling of redox properties using ab initio molecular dynamics simulation

11:20-11:50       Matthew Neurock (Virginia), First-Principles Insight into Electrocatalysis: Electooxidation of Methanol

11:50-12:20       Nicola Marzari (MIT), Realistic, quantitative descriptions of electron-transfer reactions: diabatic free-energy surfaces from first-principles molecular dynamics

12:20-15:00       Lunch break, discussions, posters

Afternoon Session on oxygen reduction and hydrogen production

Chair: Nenad Markovic (Argonne)

15:00-15:30       Andrew Gewirth (Illinois), Experimental Determination of Oxygen and Peroxide Reduction Mechanisms on Metal Electrode Surfaces

15:30-16:00       Manos Mavrikakis (Wisconsin), Bimetallic and ternary alloys for improved ORR

16:00-16:20       Coffee and tea break

16:20-16:50       Piotr Zelenay (Los Alamos), Surface chalcogenide catalyst for the polymer electrolyte fuel cell cathode

16:50-17:20       Roel van de Krol (Delft), Metal oxide photo-catalysts for hydrogen production

17:30- …            Wine & Cheese party



Tuesday 17 October


Morning Session on nanoparticles

Chair: Andrea Russell (Southampton)

09:00-09:30       Elena Savinova (Strassbourg/Novosibirsk), A Rationale behind Catalytic Properties of Supported Metal Nanoparticles?

09:30-10:00       Matthias Arenz (Munich), Size-dependent properties of supported Pt nanoparticles

10:00-10:30       Juan Feliu (Alicante), Single crystal approach to the surface characterization of platinum nanoparticles

10:30-10:50       Coffee and tea break

10:50-11:20       Masahiro Watanabe (Kofu), Particle-size effects of nanoscale platinum catalysts in oxygen reduction reaction

11:20-11:50       Sanjeev Mukerjee (Northeastern), Electrocatalytic Pathways on Supported Electrocatalysts at a Polymer Electrolyte Interface: Some Insights Using XANES Spectroscopy

11:50-15:00       Lunch break, discussions, posters

Afternoon Session on oxidation of C1 and C2 molecules

Chair: Frank de Bruijn (ECN)

15:00-15:30      Juergen Behm (Ulm), Electrooxidation of C_1 -Fuels under Fuel Cell Relevant Conditions - Fundamental Aspects

15:30-16:00       Tom Housmans (Eindhoven/Sabic), Methanol oxidation on stepped platinum single-crystal electrodes

16:00-16:20       Coffee and tea break

16:20-16:50       Jean-Michel Leger (Poitiers), Oxidation mechanisms of small organic molecules at nanostructured dispersed electrocatalysts

16:50-17:20       Carol Korzeniewski (Lubbock), Single crystal electrodes as standards in the study of small molecule electrocatalytic reactions.

17:20-17:50       Masanori Hara (Juelich),  Electrocatalytical studies of CO oxidation with Pd single crystal and thin film studies - A combined electrochemical and spectroscopic approach



Wednesday 18 October


Morning Session on experimental techniques

Chair: Brian Hayden (Southampton)

09:00-09:30       Andrzej Wieckowski (Illinois), Broad-Band Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy at Platinum/Solution Interfaces Containing Molecular Adsorbates

09:30-10:00       Masatoshi Osawa (Hokkaido), Probing Ultrafast Electrode Dynamics by Picosecond Time-Resolved Surface-Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy

10:00-10:30       Nenad Markovic (Argonne), Trends in Bimetallic Electrocatalysis: From Extended to Nanoscale Surfaces

10:30-10:50       Coffee and tea break

10:50-11:20       Andrea Russell (Southampton), In situ XAS of PEM cathode catalysts

11:20-11:50       Harry Hoster (Ulm), Linking structure and atomic distribution of bimetallic surfaces to their adsorption and reaction properties

11:50-15:00       Lunch break, discussions. posters

Afternoon Session on computational techniques

Chair: Jens Nørskov (Lyngby)

15:00-15:30       Timo Jacob (Berlin), Extended Ab Initio Thermodynamics for Electrochemical Systems

15:30-16:00       Jan Rossmeisl (Lyngby), Activity Trends of Electrode Materials

16:00-16:20       Coffee and tea break

16:20-16:50       Eugene Smotkin (Northeastern), The effects of CO coverage and Pt alloy cluster composition on the stretching frequencies of linear bound CO

16:50-17:20       Peter Vassilev (Eindhoven), Electrochemical reduction of oxygen to hydrogen peroxide: an electron density functional theory study



Thursday 19 October


Morning Session on modified, alloy and gold and non-Pt catalysts

Chair: Sanjeev Mukerjee (Northeastern)

09:00-09:30       Ludwig Kibler (Ulm), Electrochemical behaviour of metallic monolayers on noble metal surfaces

09:30-10:00       Jeff Greeley (Lyngby), Combinatorial First-Principles Screening of Alloys for Electrocatalysis

10:00-10:30       Angel Cuesta (Madrid), The Smallest Atomic Ensemble Necessary for CO Formation During Methanol Electrooxidation on Platinum

10:30-10:50       Coffee and tea break

10:50-11:20       Enrique Herrero (Alicante), On the electrocatalytic activity of gold nanoparticles on basic media.

11:20-11:50       Ben Nieuwenhuys (Leiden), The golden future of catalysis: activation of molecules on gold-based catalysts

11:50-14:00 Lunch break, discussions, posters

Afternoon Session on surface science

Chair: Andrzej Wieckowski (Illinois)

14:00-14:30       Brian Hayden (Southampton), Alloying, Particle Size and Support Effects in PEMFC Catalysis

14:30-15:00       Ellen Backus (Zuerich/Leiden), CO and NO on a stepped platinum surface

15:00-15:20       Coffee and tea break

15:20-15:50       Joost Frenken (Leiden), In-situ Video STM and SXRD of Catalytic Surfaces

15:50-16:20       Dan Scherson (Case), Coadsorbed Water and Carbon Monoxide on Pt(100): IRAS Studies in UHV


17:00-19:00       Science walk through historic centre of Leiden, tour guide: Jos van de Broek (Leiden)

19:00-…             Conference Dinner



Friday 20 October


Morning Session on bio-electrocatalysts

Chair: Gerard Canters (Leiden)

09:00-09:30       Kylie Vincent (Oxford), Exploiting highly selective biological catalysts in a H2/O2 fuel cell: benchmarks for future ‘smart’ hydrogen-cycling

09:30-10:00       Scott Calabrese Barton (Columbia/Michigan State), Biocatalyzed Fuel Cells for Microscale Devices

10:00-10:30       Roman Boulatov (Illinois), Billion-year old oxygen cathode that actually works: respiratory O2 reduction and its biomimetic implementations

10:30-10:50       Coffee and tea break

10:50-11:20       Armand Tepper (Leiden), A selective and sensitive fluorescence based method to follow the activity of the O2 reducing enzyme laccase in bionanotechnological applications

Closing lecture

11:20-12:00       Shimshon Gottesfeld (MTI Micro Fuel Cells), Advances in Fuel Cell Electrocatalysis: A perspective of 20 years + One Great Meeting

12:00                  Lunch

Afternoon:           Departure





Lior Elbaz: Catalytic Reduction of Oxygen by Metalloporphyrins in Fuel Cell electrodes

Masanori Hara: Formic acid oxidation on stepped Pd and Pd-Au thin film electrodes

Jing Jin: High throughput screening methods for fuel cell catalysts

Jaeyoung Lee: Catalyst in Portable Fuel Cell Systems

Fang Liu, Dimitrios C. Papageorgopoulos & Olaf Conrad: Compact Mixed Reactant (CMR) DMFCs - A Commercial Application for Methanol Tolerant ORR Catalysts
Karl Mayrhofer: The impact of geometric and surface electronic properties of Pt-catalysts on the particle size effect in electrocatalysis
Masahiro Watanabe, M.Wakisaka & H. Uchida: Electronic structures of Pt-Co and Pt-Ru alloys for CO-tolerant anode catalysts in PEFC studied by EC-XPS
Carol Korzeniewski: Hydration in Nafion Fuel Cell Membrane Probed by Infrared Spectroscopy

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