Lorentz Center - Dissecting the Milky Way from 6 Nov 2006 through 10 Nov 2006
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    Dissecting the Milky Way
    from 6 Nov 2006 through 10 Nov 2006

Monday, November 6

Monday, November 6 – “Cosmology”


09.00-10.00   Registration

10.00-10.10   Welcome & Opening by Mrs. M. Kruk – executive manager of the LC

10.00-10.40   Ken Freeman Near-Field Cosmology

10.40-11.00   coffee break

11.00-11.20   Brad Gibson The Spatial Distribution of the Galactic First Stars

11.20-11.40   Jorge Penarrubia Streams in cosmology and Streams from Sagittarius

11.40-12.00   Laura Sales Satellite Galaxies in the Millennium Run simulation

12.00-14.00   lunch break

14.20-15.00   Kathryn Johnston The Local Group – Does it Make Sense?

15.00-15.20   HongSheng Zhao Where TeVeS and Dark Matter meet: towards robust falsification tests in the GAIA era

15.20-15.40   Walter Dehnen the Physics of Tidal Disruption

15.40-16.10   coffee break

16.10-17.00   Simon White (Expositition & Discussion) Is local group cosmology overrated?

17.00-18.30   wine & cheese party



Tuesday, November 7- “Surveys”


09.00-09.40   Julio Navarro Disk Formation in a Cosmological Context

09.40-10.20   Constance Rockosi SEGUE: SDSS does the Milky Way

10.20-10.50   coffee break

10.50-11.30   Heather Morrison Fashionably Late: Accretion into the Solar Neighborhood

11.30-12.10   Anthony Brown Gaia – taking the Galactic census

12.10-15.00   lunch break

15.00-15.20   Michael Rich A Large-Scale Radial Velocity Survey using 2MASS-selected M giants in the Galactic Bulge

15.20-15.40   Birgitta Nordström Evolution of the Galactic Disk from a Local Sample

15.40-16.00   Coryn Bailer-Jones Stellar properties from Galactic surveys

16.00-16.30   coffee break

16.30-17.15   Tim de Zeeuw (Expositition & Discussion) What if we had all GAIA data tomorrow?



Wednesday, November 8 - “Overall Structure / Dynamics”


09.00-09.30   Ortwin Gerhard NMAGIC – a new way of modeling galaxies

09.30-10.00   Andreas Just Age and metalicity distribution of main sequence stars in the thin disc

10.00-10.30   coffee break

10.30-10.50   Peter Frinchaboy Using Open Clusters to Trace the Local Milky Way Rotation Curve and Velocity Field

10.50-11.10   Martin C. Smith Constraining the Local Galactic Escape Speed

11.10-11.30   Eric Bell the Structure of the Milky Way’s Stellar Halo

12.00-             lunch break

18.00              bus departure to restaurant Malle Jan

18.30-21.30   conference dinner in town



Thursday, November 9 – “Local Group”


09.00-09.40   Eva Grebel Mapping Local Group Dwarfs: Evolutionary Implications from History, Chemistry and Kinematics

09.40-10.20   Annette Ferguson The Outskirts of M31 and M33: Substructure, Star Clusters and Stellar Halos

10.20-10.50   coffee break

10.50-11.20   Amina Helmi DART Views of the Dwarf Spheroidals

11.20-11.50   Giuseppina Battaglia Chemo-dynamical modeling of the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy

11.50-12.10   Daniel Zucker Finding the Least Luminous Galaxies in the Nearby Universe

12.10-14.30   lunch break

14.30-15.10   Matthias Steinmetz RAVE Results

15.10-15.30   Nicolas Martin A Megacam/CFHT survey of the M#! outer halo: searching for faint dwarf galaxies and streams

15.30-16.00   coffee break

16.00-16.20   Michael Fellhauer the Bifurcation of the Sagittarius Stream and its Implications on the Shape of the Milky Way Halo

16.30-17.15   Wyn Evans (Expositition & Discussion) The future of dynamical modelling



Friday, November 10 – “Substructure”


09.00-09.40   Mark Wilkinson the Internal kinematics Local Group dwarf spheroidal galaxies

09.40-10.20   Vasily Belokurov the SDSS view of the stellar halo of the Milky Way

10.20-10.50   coffee break

10.50-11.10   Jelte de Jong Studying Milky Way structure using stellar populations

11.10-11.30   Mario Soto 3-D Kinematics in low foreground extinction windows of the Galactic Bulge

11.30-11.50   Lee Clewley Detecting substructure in the Milky Way Halo using blue horizontal branch stars

11.50-12.20   Summary (TBD)

12.20-             lunch break