Lorentz Center - Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Biological Networks NDNS+ workshop from 29 Jan 2007 through 2 Feb 2007
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    Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Biological Networks
    NDNS+ workshop
    from 29 Jan 2007 through 2 Feb 2007

Programme NDNS+ conference

Program NDNS+ conference

Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Biological Networks


Next to special invited lectures (among others by NDNS+ recently appointed faculty), the program has four main themes, which are roughly planned as follows:

Molecular recognition (Monday/Tuesday);

Brain sciences: time series analysis and network analysis (Tuesday/Wednesday);

Reaction networks (Wednesday/Thursday);

Stochastic models in genetics (Thursday/Friday)



Monday, January 29


11.00-12.00 †††††††††† Hugo van den Berg, Co-receptor Modulation of T Cell Antigen Receptor Avidity


15.00-16.00 †††††††††† David Rand, Mapping global sensitivity: a new approach to sensitivity analysis, parameter reduction and experimental optimisation for cellular network dynamics


16.00-17.00 †††††††††† Bob Planque, Flexible house hunting strategies in social insects


17.00†††††††††††††††††††††† Wine & Cheese party



Tuesday, January 30


10.00-11.00 †††††††††† Ellen Baake, Ancestral processes with selection: branching and Moran models


11.00-12.00 †††††††††† JoŽl Janin, Structural principles of protein-protein recognition


15.00-16.00 †††††††††† Arjen Brussaard, Plasticity and dynamics of neuronal networks involved in cognition


16.00-17.00 †††††††††† Frank van der Velde, From cognition to dynamics



Wednesday, January 31


10.00-11.00 †††††††††† Cees Stam, Use of nonlinear and complex signal analysis to characterize functional networks in the brain


11.00-12.00 †††††††††† Fetsje Bijma, Mathematical modelling of magnetoencephalographic data

15.00-16.00 †††††††††† Erik de Schutter, Activity-dependent homeostasis: a modeling approach in Purkinje neurons


16.00-17.00 †††††††††† Hans Othmer, Pattern formation in bacterial biofilms: From cell to continuum


17.00-18.00 †††††††††† Jan van Schuppen, Control and realization of biochemical systems





Thursday, February 1


10.00-11.00 †††††††††† Bert Peletier, Modeling Polar Auxin Transport


11.00-12.00 †††††††††† Hidde de Jong, Qualitative simulation of the carbon starvation response in Escherichia coli


15.00-16.00 †††††††††† David Balding, Models of Population Structure in Genetic Association Studies


16.00-17.00 †††††††††† Patsy Haccou, Effects of deleterious mutations on the evolution of reproductive modes



Friday, February 2


10.00-11.00 †††††††††† Matthias Birkner, Likelihood-based inference for $\Lambda$-coalescents


11.00-12.00 †††††††††† Arnt von Haeseler, to be announced


13.30-14.30 †††††††††† Anton Wakolbinger, A stochastic model of genetic hitchhiking