Lorentz Center - The Many Faces of Quantum Fields from 10 Apr 2007 through 13 Apr 2007
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    The Many Faces of Quantum Fields
    from 10 Apr 2007 through 13 Apr 2007

Tentative program

Tuesday, April 10


9.00-9.45         Registration
9.45                 Opening

10-12:              Garcia-Perez: “Non-perturbative physics in the Early Universe”

                        Stamatescu: "New tasks for stochastic processes?"

14-16:              Catterall: "Exact Lattice Supersymmetry theory and applications"


Chernodub: "Magnetic component of Yang-Mills plasma"


17.00:              Wine and Cheese party

Wednesday, April 11

9.30-12:           Luescher: "The topological susceptibility in QCD-- history and resolution

                        of a field-theoretical problem" 
                        't Hooft: "Some remarks on an old problem: chiral symmetry on the lattice"


14-16:              Golterman: "SU(N) chiral gauge theories on the lattice"

Ford: "Doubly periodic instantons"

Kaestner: “The phase structure of Z_N Polyakov loop models”


18.00:              Colloquium dinner (Oort building, ground floor)

19:30               Colloquium Ehrenfestii

Jackiw: " Topological order and fractional charge"

Thursday, April 12

9.30-12:           Wettig: "Color-flavor transformation and application to lattice field


            Verbaarschot: "Challenges of QCD at Nonzero Chemical Potential"


afternoon:        free


Friday, April 13

9.30-12:           Olejnik: "Confinement and screening in SU(N) and G(2) gauge


            Giedt: “The LHC, beyond the standard model, and nonperturbative tools”


14-16:              Mueller-Preussker; “Confinement in terms of gluon and ghost propagators”

                        Bolognesi: Flying saucers  solitons with arbitrary genus

16:00               end of workshop