Lorentz Center - Condensed matter meets gravity from 27 Aug 2007 through 31 Aug 2007
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    Condensed matter meets gravity
    from 27 Aug 2007 through 31 Aug 2007


For a long time there has been cross fertilization of theoretical developments from high energy physics to condensed matter theory and vice versa. This is evidenced in the Higgs mechanism, renormalization group ideas, spontaneous broken symmetry amongst others.

In particular "fundamental" theoretical structures arise in condensed matter
as an outgrowth of organizational phenomena that describe the emergent collective behavior of matter and the low energy excitations controlling
its behavior. Recently, there have been growing developments in exploiting increasingly apt analogies between phenomena in condensed matter system and gravity, providing a hope of shedding light on questions pertaining to quantum gravity.

The present workshop will, for the first time, assemble main practitioners and developers of these ideas of emergent gravity with main practitioners of high energy physics and of different approaches to quantum gravity. The workshop will provide for the useful exchange of ideas and cross pollination between the different fields that can serve as a seed and driver of innovation in novel approaches to quantum gravity.