Lorentz Center - Streamers, sprites, leaders, lightning: from micro- to macroscales from 8 Oct 2007 through 12 Oct 2007
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    Streamers, sprites, leaders, lightning: from micro- to macroscales
    from 8 Oct 2007 through 12 Oct 2007

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Eduard Bazelyan(Moscow, Russia)
Marley Becerra(Uppsala, Sweden)
Delphine Bessieres(Pau, France)
Valentin Bityurin(Moscow, Russia)
Phillip Bitzer(Huntsville, United States)
Anne Bourdon(Chatenay Malabry Cedex, France)
Fabian Brau(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Tanja Briels(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Stijn Buitink(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Julien Capeillere(Toulouse, France)
Sebastien Celestin(Chatenay-Malabry, France)
Olivier Chanrion(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Hugh Christian(Huntsville, United States)
Steven Cummer(Durham, United States)
Olivier Ducasse(Toulouse, France)
Ute Ebert(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Olivier Eichwald(Toulouse, France)
Elena Filimonova(Moscow, Russia)
Francisco Gordillo-Vazquez(Madrid, Spain)
Vasco Guerra(Lisboa, Portugal)
Willem Hundsdorfer(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Paul Krehbiel(Socorro, New Mexico, United States)
Philip Krider(Tucson, United States)
Gerrit Kroesen(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Cheng-Ling Kuo(Tainan, Taiwan)
Chao Li(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Alejandro Luque(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Maxime Makarov(Guyancourt, France)
Freddy Manders(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Emmanuel Marode(Gif/yvette, France)
Robert Marshall(Stanford, California, United States)
Gennady Milikh(College Park, MD, United States)
Michael Mokrov(Moscow, Russia)
Jeff Morrill(Washington, DC, United States)
George Naidis(Moscow, Russia)
Torsten Neubert(Copenhagen , Denmark)
Vuong Nguyen(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Sander Nijdam(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Jean Paillol(Pau, France)
Sergey Pancheshnyi(Toulouse, France)
Victor Pasko(University Park, United States)
Guus Pemen(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Silke Peters(Greifswald, Germany)
Yuri Raizer(Moscow, Russia)
Valeria Ratushnaya(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Evert Ridderhof(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Jeremy Riousset(University Park, United States)
Pierre Segur(Toulouse, France)
Davis Sentman(Fairbanks, Alaska, United States)
Andrei Starikovskii(Dolgoprudny, Russia)
Hans Stenbaek-Nielsen(Fairbanks, Alaska, United States)
Winfred Stoffels(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Ronald Thomas(Socorro, United States)
Eddie van Veldhuizen(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Martin Wendt(Greifswald, Germany)