Lorentz Center - Streamers, sprites, leaders, lightning: from micro- to macroscales from 8 Oct 2007 through 12 Oct 2007
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    Streamers, sprites, leaders, lightning: from micro- to macroscales
    from 8 Oct 2007 through 12 Oct 2007

Registered participants on June 7 (all will stay during the who

Monday, Oct. 8


09:00 registration, get offices and computer accounts

09:30 09:40 Martje Kruk:

welcome to the Lorentz Center

09:40 10:00 Ute Ebert:

opening remarks and workshop perspective

10:00 10:20 Davis Sentman:

opening remarks and workshop perspective

10:20 coffee

10:40 11:10 Hans Stenbaek-Nielsen:

High time-resolution sprite observations: observations and implications

11:15 11:55 Victor Pasko:

Streamer theory of sprites

12:00 12:30 Guus Pemen:

Efficient streamer plasma generation

12:30 joint lunch

13:30 14:30 introduction round of participants,

poster presentation (2 min. and 1-2 overhead slides per poster, no ppt!)

14:30 17:00 poster session

Posters will be on display on the corridor between the offices during

the whole week, please bring displayable material and (p)reprints.

17:00 wine and cheese party



Tuesday, Oct. 9


09:00 09:30 Cheng-Ling Kuo:

Analysis of ISUAL recorded gigantic jets

09:35 10:05 Tanja Briels:

Exploring streamer variability in experiments

10:05 10:20 Sander Nijdam:

Stereophotographs of point-plane streamers in air

10:20 coffee

10:50 11:10 Robert Marshall:

Observations and statistics of small-scale streamer and bead features

in sprites

11:15 11:45 Anne Bourdon:

Streamer simulations in air at atmospheric pressure

11:45 12:00 Sebastien Celestin:

Application of photoionization models based on radiative transfer and

Helmholtz equations to simulations of streamers in weak electric fields

12:00 12:20 Pierre Segur:

Modeling of radiative processes in filamentary and diffuse discharges

12:20-12:35 Heino Falcke:
Ultra-fast imaging of radio flashes with LOFAR

12:35 joint lunch

13:00 Highlight of the Lorentz Center talk, De Sitterzaal, groundfloor Oort Building:

Ute Ebert (CWI, Amsterdam and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven):
"Streamers, sprites, leaders, lightning: from micro- to macroscales"

13:45 discussions, networking

15:00 coffee

16:00 16:40 Steven Cummer:

Currents, charges, and electromagnetic fields associated

with sprite initiation and development

16:45 17:25 Paul Krehbiel:

VHF Mapping Observations of Lightning Discharge Processes

17:00 move to inner city

18:00 19:00 guided tour through the old city of Leiden

19:00 20:15 dinner in the city at Malle Jan

20:30 21:30 Gerrit Kroesen:

Exotic glow discharges, an evening talk with experiments in the city



Wednesday, Oct. 10


09:00 09:30 Eduard Bazelyan:

Initiation of lightning from conductive objects in the troposphere

09:35 10:15 Andrei Starikovskii:

Kinetics in gas mixtures for problem of plasma assisted combustion

10:15 coffee

10:50 11:10 Delphine Bessieres:

A new one-dimensional moving mesh method applied

to the simulation of streamer discharges

11:15 11:35 Sergey Pancheshnyi:

Physical aspects of streamer branching

11:40 12:00 Willem Hundsdorfer:

Adaptive grid refinement for streamer simulations: the Amsterdam strategy

12:00 12:30 Alejandro Luque:

Efficient fluid streamer simulations in 2D and 3D: methods and results

12:30 joint lunch

13:30 discussions, networking

15:30 coffee

16:00 16:30 Hugh Christian:

Lightning Observations from Space

16:35 16:55 Olivier Eichwald:

Streamer dynamics in air corona discharges at atmospheric pressure:

Comparisons between modelling and experimental results

17:00 17:30 Gennady Milikh:

Blue Jets, Observations and Modeling

17:35 17:55 Vuong Nguyen:

MeV gs from long leaders in STP air



Thursday, Oct. 11


09:00 09:30 Emmanuel Marode:

Streamer channel structure and question on temperature rise

and spark formation in air at atmospheric pressure

09:35 10:05 George Naidis:

Simulation of the controlled streamer-to-spark transition

10:10 10:30 Chao Li:

Particle and fluid models for streamers: comparison and spatial coupling

10:30 coffee

11:00 11:40 Jeff Morrill:

The Impact of Vibrational Excitation on Atmospheric Optical Emissions

11:45 12:05 Vasco Guerra:

Vibration-to-Electronic energy transfers in the nitrogen afterglow

12:10 12:30 Fabian Brau:

Moving boundary approximations for streamer fronts

Learning from two-phase flow

12:30 joint lunch

13:30 discussions, networking

16:00 coffee

16:20 16:50 Yuri Raizer:

Blue jets - phenomenon of lightning type in the upper atmosphere

16:55 17:15 Jeremy Riousset:

Upward electrical discharges from thunderstorms

17:20 18:00 Torsten Neubert:

Field Campaigns and Space Missions for Studies of High-Altitude Discharges

19:00 workshop dinner in the old city at Porto Pino



Friday, Oct. 12


09:00 09:30 Davis Sentman:

Plasma chemistry of sprite streamers

09:35 10:05 Freddy Manders:

Optical study of the breakdown phenomenon

in High Intensity Discharge lamps

10:10 coffee

10:40 11:10 Valentin Bityurin:

Direct Current Discahrge in Supersonic Flow

12:00 bus ride to Eindhoven with packed lunch

14:00 lab visits in the departments of applied physics and electro-engineering

of Eindhoven Univ. Techn. (see program below)

18:00 simple dinner on campus

19:00 bus ride back to Leiden after traffic jam, expected arrival 20:30 to 21:00.



Laboratorium Excursion to Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 12 oktober 2007


Participants will be distributed into four groups. Halfway the afternoon groups will switch between

Electrical Engineering and Physics.


At Electrical Engineering


Group Electrical Power Systems: Bert van Heesch, Guus Pemen, Hans Winands

E1: -2.4 MV lightning impulse generator, with fast gamma detection

-Pulsed corona: industrial demonstrator en high temperature syngas cleaning

E2: -Surface dielectric barrier discharge: large area surface treatments (textile, foils)

-Multiple switch pulsed power technology


At Physics Department


Group Elementary Processes in Gas Discharges:

N1 - Pulsed corona discharges with fast photography: Sander Nijdam

- Microwave discharges for production of optical fibers: Nienke de Vries

- HID-lamps tested at increased gravity: Arjan Flikweert


Group Plasmas & Materials Processing:

N2 -Amorphous silicon deposition and VUV-spectroscopy: Richard Engeln


Group Coherence and Quantum Technology

N2 -Ultracold plasmas: Edgar Vredenbregt


If you have a specific interest in a subject which is not on this list, you are free to make appointments

yourself or we will try to help you with it.


Program: -4 groups (A-D) of ~10 personen

-4 time slots of 1 hour, start 13.30, end 17.30 u.

-walking time included



























For questions contact Eddie van Veldhuizen or Ute Ebert