Lorentz Center - VIEW: Visual Interactive Effective Worlds from 25 Jun 2007 through 27 Jun 2007
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    VIEW: Visual Interactive Effective Worlds
    from 25 Jun 2007 through 27 Jun 2007

Program VIEW workshop

Below you find the tentative program of the VIEW workshop. We aim at an interesting and interactive event. After the opening, we start with a Fast Forward session. Each attendant gets one minute and one slide as an introduction. After that, we have divided the workshop into a number of blocks, where each block consists of a talk by an invited speaker and a presentation of a VIEW-project. 


Each invited speaker can use up to 45 minutes. They have freedom how to do this, but we would like consider the following:

-                      Again, we aim at much discussion and interaction. If you can put challenging questions on the table and leave room for discussion, please do!

-                      The audience consists partially of starting PhD-students. It is not that difficult to dazzle them with all your brilliant results. On the other hand, this event is not aimed at just presentation of final results. So, if you have wise lessons and good advice for our audience, please pass it along.


Also, each VIEW-project can use up to 45 minutes. Each project leader can fill this in according to his own insights, but we would like to consider the following:

-                      It is useful for PhD students to present their work in progress. They are forced to enumerate what they do and what they don’t know, and it gives them visibility for the audience;

-                      Once again, we aim at discussion and interaction. Leave time for this and try to stimulate your audience;

-                      Try to get as most as possible from the workshop. The aim is not to give formal presentations of obtained results, we see it especially as an opportunity to stimulate cooperation. Questions and request to the audience like “Who knows something about X?” can help!



Monday June 25


  9:00-11:00     Registration

11:00-12:15     Welcome

Jos Roerdink, University of Groningen,

Martje Kruk, Lorentz Center

Natasa Golo, N.W.O.

Fast Forward


13:30-14:15     Frederic Vexo, Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne,

                        Virtual Reality & Presence

14:15-15:00     QUASID

                        Quantitative Design of Spatial Interaction Techniques for Desktop Mixed-

Reality Environments

                        Robert van Liere, CWI,

                        Jean-Bernard Martens, TU Eindhoven


15:30-16:15     Torsten Möller, Simon Fraser University,

                        Some Aspects of Optimal Sampling

16:15-17:00     IMOVIS

                        Interactive morphological and wavelet-based volume processing and


                        Jos Roerdink, University of Groningen

17:00-18:30     Wine and Cheese party


Tuesday June 26


9:00-9:45         Gordon Kindlmann, Harvard Medical School

                        Interactive Visualization of Diffusion Image Data and its Models

9:45-10:30       MFMV

                        Interactive, Multi-Field Data Visualization Techniques for Medical Applications

Frits Post, Delft University of Technology

                        Anna Vilanova, TU Eindhoven


10:45-11:30     Bernhard Preim, University of Magdeburg,

                        3D Visualization of Vasculature

11:30-12:15     MULTI-VIS

                        A Multi-modal Visualisation Environment for Interactive Analysis of Medical


Hans Reiber, Leiden University Medical Center


13:30-14:15     Daniel Weiskopf, Simon Fraser University,

                        Flow Visualization

14:15-15:00     VEARD

                        A Visual Exploration environment for Analyzing gene Regulation in

Developmental processes 

Robert Belleman, University of Amsterdam

16:30 -20:30    Social event:   Boat trip with dinner on board,

Trip on Kaag Lakes, start from Leiden harbour

                        Bus leaves at 16:00 hr from Lorentz Center


Wednesday June 27


9:00-9:45         Tamara Munzner, University of British Columbia,

                        When To Walk Away: Questions To Ask In Infovis Projects

9:45-10:30       EOI

                        Expression of Interest

Jack van Wijk, TU Eindhoven


11:00-11:45     Jean-Bernard Martens, TU Eindhoven

                          Experimental Research in Visualization?! Creating a Common Research



13:30-15:00     Panel - How to get your paper published?

15:00-15:10     Closing

Jack van Wijk