Lorentz Center - Hamiltonian Lattice Dynamical Systems from 15 Oct 2007 through 19 Oct 2007
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    Hamiltonian Lattice Dynamical Systems
    from 15 Oct 2007 through 19 Oct 2007

Preliminary program 15-19 October

Monday, October 15


09:15-10:25            Registration / Coffee

10:25-10:30            Opening word

10:30-11:15            Michel Peyrard: Modelling DNA at the mesoscale

11:15-12:00            Guillaume James: Time-periodic oscillations in weakly inhomogeneous nonlinear lattices

12:00-13:30            Lunch

13:30-14:15            Dmitry Pelinovsky: Hamiltonian lattice for dark solitons in parabolic potentials

14:15-16:00            Free time / Discussion

16:00-16:45            Alan Champneys: Moving localised modes and snaking bifurcations in lattices with saturable nonlinearity

16:45-                      Wine and cheese party



Tuesday, October 16


09:15-10:00            Vadim Kaloshin: Examples of infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems with spreading of energy

10:00-10:45            L. Galgani: FPU and ergodic theory

10:45-11:15            Coffee break

11:15-12:00            Henk Broer: On Parametrized KAM theory

12:00-13:30            Lunch

13:30-14:15            Andreas Henrici: Normal form for FPU chains

14:15-16:00            Free time / Discussion

16:00-16:45            Dario Bambusi: Boundary effects on metastable states in long chains of particles



Wednesday, October 17


09:15-10:00            Jonathan Wattis: Asymptotic approximations to Breathers in one- and two-dimensional FPU lattices

10:00-10:30            Coffee break

10:30-11:15            Magnus Johansson: Some properties of a physically motivated generalized DNLS equation with inter-site nonlinearities

11:15-12:00            Introduction to posters

12:00-13:30            Lunch

13:30-14:30            Poster session

14:30-15:30            Free time / Discussion

15:30-16:00            Coffee

16:00-16:45            Ted Janssen: Phase transitions in aperiodic crystals

19:00-                      Conference dinner



Thursday, October 18


09:15-10:00            Panayotis Kevrekidis: Solitary Waves and Vortices in the Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equition

10:00-10:30            Coffee break

10:30-11:15            Hartmut Schwetlick: Existence of Travelling wave solutions for the FPU lattice model with non-convex interaction energy

11:15-12:00            Marc Georgi: Bifurcations of travelling waves in lattice-differential equations

12:00-13:30            Lunch

13:30-15:30            Free time / Discussion

15:30-16:00            Coffee

16:00-16:45            Maciej Wojtkowski: An abstract fluctuation theorem



Friday, October 19


09:15-10:00            Sergej Flach: The FPU problem: q-breathers and their scaling properties

10:00-10:30            Coffee break

10:30-11:15            Johannes Zimmer: Variational approaches for lattices with nonconvexities

11:15-12:00            Thomas Melvin: Radiationless travelling solitons in the Salerno model

12:00-13:30            Lunch

13:30-14:30            Free time / Discussion

14:30-15:15            Serge Aubry: Absence of Energy Diffusion in Random Nonlinear Systems

15:15-                      Coffee





Luca Delfini: Heat transport in 1D nonlinear lattices

Andreas Henrici: Normal form for FPU chains

Vassilis Koukouloyannis: Existence and Stability of Discrete Breathers in a Hexagonal Lattice. Application in a Dusty Plasma Crystal

Ioannis Kourakis: Nonlinear excitations in dusty plasma (Debye) crystals: a new test-bed for nonlinear theories

Lars Kroon: The appearance of gap solitons in a nonlinear Schrödinger lattice

Thomas Melvin: Travelling Solitons in Photorefractive Lattices

Alexey Yulin: Discrete cavity solitons in saturable media