Lorentz Center - Galaxy evolution from mass-selected samples from 28 Jan 2008 through 1 Feb 2008
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    Galaxy evolution from mass-selected samples
    from 28 Jan 2008 through 1 Feb 2008

Monday, January 28
Monday, January 28                                          
10:00                      Introduction to the Lorentz Center (Martje Kruk)
10:10                      introduction (Marijn)
10:20                      Adam Muzzin                       TBD
10:45                      coffee
11:15                      Ned Taylor: The rise of the red sequence
11:45                      Maaike Damen: Star Formation in the E-CDFS using SIMPLE
12:00                      Lunch
14:00                      Ivo Labbe: Quiescent & star forming galaxies in CDFS
14:30                      Natascha Forster Schreiber: SED modeling: update
15:00                      tea
15:30                      Sune Toft: The size-star formation relation of massive galaxies at 1.5<z<2.5
16:00                      Marijn Franx: Structure and star formation rates to z=3
17:00                      wine and cheese
Tuesday, January 29
10:00                      Huub Rottgering: Radio sources, feedback in massive galaxies and clustering
10:30                      Jiasheng Huang: Formation of Massive galaxies and ULIRGs at z~2
11:00                      coffee
11:30                      Lottie van Starkenburg: Kinematics of disc galaxies at z=2
12:00                      Greg Rudnick: TBD
12:30                      Lunch
Wednesday, January 30
9:30                        Stijn Wuyts: Massive galaxies at 1.5<z<3 in observations and simulations
10:00                      Joop Schaye: Progress on simulating galaxy formation
10:30                      Marcel Haas: Predictions from galaxy simulations
11:00                      coffee
11:30                      Danilo Marchesini: The Galaxy Mass Function at z>1.5: preliminary results from FIREWORKS+MUSYC
12:00                      Natascha Forster Schreiber: Latest results from the SINS survey
Evening:                 WMAP results, by David Spergel
Thursday, January 31
9:30                        Pieter van Dokkum: Evidence for IMF evolution with redshift
10:00                      Gabriel Brammer: EAZY photometric redshifts
10:30                      Joanna Holt: Studies of active nuclei
11:00                      coffee
11:30                      Ryan Quadri: The clustering of DRGs in the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey
12:00                      Rik Williams: Quiescent and star forming galaxies in the UDS
Conference dinner
Friday, February 1
10:00                      XianZhong Zheng: 5000 z>1.4 galaxies with the ACS F606W+F850LP+IRAC3.6um
10:30                      coffee
11:00                      future directions
12:30                      lunch
14:00                      projects and planning