We organized the work shop "Galaxy evolution from mass-selected samples"

in the Lorentz Center, during the week of January 28 - February 1 2008.

Twenty-four astronomers from Europe and the USA participated.

The workshop was organized to have ample time for discussion and actual work.

The program consisted of 23 talks, which were all scheduled for the morning.

The subject of the meeting was the evolution of galaxies, focussing on

the redshift range from $z=3$ to $z=0$, and with special attention to

mass selected samples, i.e., samples which were selected in the rest frame

optical. A variety of new results were reported.

Special attention was given to results from theoretical models. The level

of detail in the simulations and predictions is steadily increasing, and

comparisons between models and observations are shedding import insight into

the physics of the galaxies at high redshift.

The schedule allowed ample time for discussion after each talk, which is

nearly unique these days, as most conferences are too tightly packed to

allow for proper discussions.


In the afternoons, discussion sessions were organized, small progress meetings,

and actual work was done. The setup of the Lorentz Center is ideal for

these types of activities, as there are sufficient rooms for discussions and

small group meetings. Furthermore, quite a bit of work was done on

collaborative projects and papers.

The fact that all participants were supplied with a desk helped greatly

to increase the output of the meeting.


We ended the meeting with a discussion of what to do in the future.

This session was particularly useful, as it generated many new ideas, and

helped to focus on the important measurements which need to be made.


It is a please to thank the Lorentz Center of its hospitality, support, and

financial contribution towards the workshop. Without the Lorentz Center,

this workshop would not have been possible.



Marijn Franx