Lorentz Center - KAM Theory and its applications from 1 Dec 2008 through 5 Dec 2008
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    KAM Theory and its applications
    from 1 Dec 2008 through 5 Dec 2008

Tentative Program Workshop

Program of the Workshop


Monday, December 1


09:00         Registration, coffee and finding your office

09.45         Welcome and introduction by Lorentz Center staff and Workshop organizers

10:00         R. de la Llave: Accumulation of KAM tori

10:45         Break

11:15         F. Wagener: A parametrised version of Moser's modifying term theorem

12:00         Lunchbreak

14:00         L. Stolovitch: A KAM phenomenon for singular holomorphic vector fields

14:45         G. Popov: Effective stability of Lagrangian tori for Gevrey smooth Hamiltonians

15:30         Break

16:00         J. You: Linearly stable quasi-periodic solutions for cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equations

17.00         Wine & Cheese party



Tuesday, December 2


09:15         M. Sevryuk: KAM theory for locally Hamiltonian systems

10:00         G. Gentile: Periodic solutions for a class of nonlinear partial differential equations in higher dimension

10:45         Break

11:15         J. Xu: Gevrey smoothness of KAM tori with respect to parameters

12:00         Lunchbreak

15:00         V. Sidorenko: Adiabatic chaos in the dynamics of the resonant asteroids

15:45         Break

16:15         F. Verhulst: Finite-dimensional invariant tori in a nonlinear wave equation

17:00         T. Kappeler: Nekhoroshev theorem for the periodic Toda lattice



Wednesday, December 3


09:15         L. Chierchia: KAM & NBP

10:00         H. Rüssmann: KAM-iteration with infinitely small steps -- a global linearization in KAM theory

10:45         Break

11:15         A. González: On the persistence of non-twist tori for exact symplectic maps

12:00         Lunchbreak

15:00         No program

18:30         Conference Dinner: Restaurant “De Branderij”



Thursday, December 4


09:15         Y. Yi: Quasi-periodic breathers in Hamiltonian networks

10:00         A. Borisov: Stability of partial solutions in nonholonomic dynamical systems

10:45         Break

11:15         V. Rom-Kedar: The parabolic resonance instability

12:00         Lunchbreak

15:00         F. Fassň: Stability and chaos in the spin-orbit problem

15:45         Break

16:15         M.C. Ciocci: Quasi-periodic stability of normally resonant tori

17:00         F. Beron-Vera: Zonal jets as transport barriers in planetary atmospheres: An application of KAM theory for Hamiltonians with degeneracy



Friday, December 5


09:15         M. Levi: Arnold diffusion in a chain of coupled pendula

10:00         B. Rink: Integrable continuum equations for the Fermi--Pasta--Ulam chain

10:45         Break

11:15         A. Celletti: KAM estimates in Celestial Mechanics

12:00         Lunchbreak

15:00         Sinterklaas