Lorentz Center - Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté XVII from 8 Jun 2009 through 12 Jun 2009
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    Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté XVII
    from 8 Jun 2009 through 12 Jun 2009

Description and aim

Description and aim


GAeL, Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté, is a conference organized by and for researchers in Algebraic Geometry at the beginning of their scientific career (Ph.D. Students and Post docs within 5 years of their PH.D).  The conference gives them the opportunity to lecture, often for the first time, in front of an international audience. In addition, selected international experts deliver mini-courses on topics at the cutting-edge of important new developments in Algebraic Geometry.


The 17th edition of GAeL will be hosted at the Lorentz Center.  The first 13 editions were organized at the Centre International des Rencontres Mathématiques (Marseille, France), because of which GAeL has a French name, but nowadays all communication and talks are in English.  The previous editions were organized in Bedlewo (Poland), Istanbul (Turkey) and Madrid (Spain).


The senior speakers for this 17th edition are



We encourage all junior participants to give a talk or to make a poster, in order to present their work to their peers.  This provides a great opportunity to make new research contacts and to learn about what fellow young researchers are doing. 


The senior participants will lecture in the morning, as well as some junior participants.  After lunch there will be free discussion time and in the late afternoon the participants will gather again for other junior talks.


The meeting is planned for about 45 people. If you are interested to come, please fill in the application form.  You will be notified about (non) acceptance in Spring 2009.  Normally, local costs (hotel, meals, ...) will be paid by the organization. You can apply for reimbursements of your travel costs when you are not supported by your university. However the exact budget is not known yet so we are not sure if any reimbursement is possible, but we aim to provide some funds.