Lorentz Center - Cambridge - Leiden: easyMeeting on Quantum Matter from 6 May 2009 through 7 May 2009
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    Cambridge - Leiden: easyMeeting on Quantum Matter
    from 6 May 2009 through 7 May 2009

Cambridge-Leiden easyMeeting on quantum matter, 6 and 7 May 2009

Cambridge-Leiden easyMeeting on Quantum Matter


Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 May 2009




Quantum matter is the area within condensed matter physics in which quantum effects play a prominent role. Active research focuses on those phenomena that cannot be explained by the framework that was developed in the 20th century, in such sub-fields as high temperature superconductivity, quantum criticality, spin-orbital coupling effects, topological quantum phases, and ultra-cold atom systems.


The Cambridge-Leiden easyMeeting on Quantum Matter aimed to bring together the Dutch and British quantum matter scientists. This meeting was a follow-up to a similar meeting November 2008 in Cambridge, and we intend to have such a meeting annually. There were 71 participants (nearly using the full capacity, 72, of the lecture room), an increase with respect to last year’s meeting, which was attended by some 50 participants. The program consisted of 15 talks, followed by ample discussion time, which was appreciated very much by the participants and created an informal atmosphere in which further discussions during lunch and coffee breaks thrived. Even the (paper) tablecloths in the restaurant were covered with equations Wednesday night. The program was very much balanced in terms of junior-senior speakers, theory-experiment, UK-NL and spread over the various institutions. Both established experts and talented young physicists presented an overview of their recent work.


During the meeting, a planning session was held to coordinate the next joint NL-UK Quantum Matter workshop. It was decided that the meeting is to be held in Oxford, in the spring of 2010.


We would like to acknowledge the Lorentz Center for its generous support and in particular Martje Kruk and Auke Planjer for their efforts to make the workshop a success.



Bas Overbosch (Leiden University, the Netherlands)

Luuk Ament (Leiden University, the Netherlands)

Stephen Rowley (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)

Jasper van Wezel (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)