Lorentz Center - Scale transitions in space and time for materials from 19 Oct 2009 through 23 Oct 2009
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    Scale transitions in space and time for materials
    from 19 Oct 2009 through 23 Oct 2009

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Patrick Anderson(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Lars Beex(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Katia Bertoldi(Enschede, Netherlands)
Onno Bokhove(Enschede, Netherlands)
Daniel Bonn(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Sander Boonstra(Groningen, Netherlands)
Markus Buehler(Cambridge, United States)
Hao Chen(Delft, Netherlands)
Erica Coenen(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Daan Crommelin(Amsterdam, )
Heike Emmerich(Aachen, Germany)
Marc Geers(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Sebastian Gonzalez(Enschede, Netherlands)
Fatih Göncü(Enschede, Netherlands)
Remco Hartkamp(Enschede, Netherlands)
Alfons Hoekstra(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Markus Hütter(Zurich, Switzerland)
HAMID REZA Javani joni(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Pina Juan carlos(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Vahid Kazemi-kamyab(Delft, Netherlands)
Varvara Kouznetsova(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Jasper Kreeft(Delft, Netherlands)
Stefan Luding(Enschede, Netherlands)
Hossein Mehrara(Delft, Netherlands)
Alexander Mielke(Berlin, Germany)
Lucia Nicola(Delft, Netherlands)
Karl-Fredrik Nilsson(Petten, Netherlands)
Vitaliy Ogarko(Enschede, Netherlands)
Michael Parks(Albuquerque, United States)
Ron Peerlings(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Mark Peletier(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Leong Hien Poh(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Joris Remmers(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Dik Schipper(Enschede, Netherlands)
Abhinendra Singh(ENSCHEDE, Netherlands)
Bert Sluys(Delft, The Netherlands)
Siamak Soleymani shishvan(Groningen, Netherlands)
Saurabh Srivastava(Enschede, The Netherlands)
Holger Steeb(Bochum, Germany)
Akke Suiker(Delft, Netherlands)
Robert Svendsen(Dortmund, Germany)
Anthony Thornton(Enschede, Netherlands)
Brian Tighe(Leiden, Netherlands)
Sergio Turteltaub(Delft, Netherlands)
Erik Van der Giessen(Groningen, Netherlands)
Sybrand Van der zwaag(Delft, Netherlands)
Thomas Weinhart(Enschede, Netherlands)
Sourena Yadegari varnamkhasti(Delft, Netherlands)
Kazem Yazdchi(Enschede, Netherlands)
Michael Zaiser(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Jan Zeman(Prague 6, Czech Republic)